September 11, 2008


Posted in Step In My Shoes at 5:34 pm by alyssajb

Today was SO fun! Except for Mrs. CREATURE, of course. In science, we did this cool experiment by seeing how many drops of water can fit on a penny, depending on heads or tails. On tails we got 50 and on heads we got 26. Big difference, huh? Anyways, this group got 107 OMG! Everyone was, like, questioning them and stuff. In third my friend Dana was SO funny! She was obsessing over her magazine and they nine posters my friend gave me of the Jonas Brothers. She kept stealing my binder so she could open it and steal them. >_< So for payback, we took her magazine and hid it under her notebook and when she tried to find it she got SO mad and then she was totally peed after we told her that I hid it! LOLZ! She forgave me anyway. OH OH OH and at lunch (3rd period), I tried to flick Kenneth in the head and he’s been trying to get me back ever since! He eventually got me and that wasn’t fun. I was going to get him back. I WAS going to give him a hug today but he was being SO weird I didn’t want to know him anymore. Plus, my dad was there and, yeah. He gets mad at me if I even TALK to a boy. My dad sucks.


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