October 24, 2008

Highlights 10/24/08

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Mr. Yoder acted like the gay guy from Rush Hour 2

It rained in P.E. ^_^

I made Davarius sing three times

Dong is… scaring me a lot.


October 23, 2008

Highlights 10-23-08

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Deiondre hit Zylkia in the head REALLY hard so Zylkia kicked him STRAIGHT ON it the balls! He was on the ground for about five minutes and crying!

Mr. Yoder promised the boy’s basketball team that if the went undefeated, he would shave his head. HE DID! AND IT WAS UNEVEN TOO!

Mr. Yoder stood on Taylor’s desk with her in it and when Taylor turned around she screamed and the class next door thought someone got hurt XD

Mr. Yoder was talking about his girlfriend and she said, “you have a bubblebutt” and Mr. Yoder got mad so his girlfriend said, “I like your butt it’s cute” WE GOT GROSSED OUT!

I HATE TESSA! She screamed out LOUD that me and Dong were dating and INCLUDING KAIDEN! He’s avoiding me now… I WANNA SLAP HER!

October 22, 2008

No More Posts- Site Change

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This site will be closed down. My new site will be all about Polyvore. Its hard to remember the whole day, and with so many things to check daily. But on my blog I will posts highlights of my day. I’ll give you one right now

In P.E., I accidentaly hit Dong in the balls with a basketball XD I hadn’t stopped laughing until I opened my locker. No worries, I gave him a hug and said I love you.

October 20, 2008

Bust A Gut

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I was laughing SO much today! In first period, it was nearly empty because Avid had a field trip. Dong went too, and I was REALLY lonely. In third, it was still empty. Nathan wasn’t there and I was SO happy! At lunch, I got signed out. When I left, I saw more than a dozen hands go up in the air and wave bye to me. This dude I didn’t even KNOW waved bye! I had to go to the dentist again but didn’t take my stuff because I was coming back. I got a filling and five sealants. I came back at the beginning of 5th period but went to go get my stuff from Mr. Yoder’s first. I talked to Johhny a little and Paulina. I didn’t know Johnny was on our team, haha. We played football today. But we were just practicing passing and throwing while the boys were playing golf. Me, Anissa, and Amandie were the only ones playing. Sydney (what a surprise) played a little, along with Diana (both), Suzie, Jenaliss, Yasmin, and Ashley. Surprisingly I was good. But I sprained the same finger I sprained in basketball TWICE. That finger is ACCIDENT PRONE! Anissa kept acting like the ball was her baby (it was dismembered and all we got was the football head XD) and was throwing it against the ball, haha. We killed her baby ten times! In sixth, it was still empty. That reminds me, at lunch we kept saying that Josh was gay. Well, he’s bi. And that’s true. He was walking with Darron and his hand was ON HIS SHOULDER! At the car rider ramp I was SO glad to see Dong! I gave him a BIG hug. I saw Kaiden before that and I gave him a hug. I poked him in the arm and he turned around and said, “hey wassup” and gave me a hug. Not only that, but he LIFTED ME OFF THE GROUND! I screamed so hard! I walked over to Brittany and Renee with my hand over my mouth to keep me from screaming any more. I told them the whole story LAUGHING and Kenneth gave me a weird look. Renee says that I’m unfaithful because I like Kaiden and I’m going out with Dong…. she even stole some of the song lyrics…

October 16, 2008


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Today was AWESOME! I think I busted a gut, lol! In homeroom, our class got second place in Homeroom Attendance and Mrs. Kreicher GASPED as if she had just won the freaking lottety! OMG it was FUN-NY! Then in second, at the end of the period, I was showing Renee the Ninja Glare! In third it was AWE-SOME! Deiondre was trash talking Mr. Yoder so they took it physically. Mr. Yoder put his arm on Sasha’s desk and they ARM WRESTLED! Mr. Yoder won, of course. Deiondre’s weak, he got elbowed in the stomach by Zylkia. He was talking about how much shopping he was going to do over the weekend and we kept saying, “YOU ARE NOT A NORMAL GUY!” Then I ask him, “Deiondre, I need to ask you a very important question; DID YOU GET A SEX CHANGE?” I was serious! I’ve NEVER met a guy that likes CLOTHES shopping more than I do, and does it more often than I do! Then Frankie got in trouble. Stupid. Mr. Yoder gave him a referral. Haha, Frankie’s fault. Then in fourth, Alexys was using fortune telling cards. I didn’t ask. In fifth, we played basketball again and I had to take a softball test. DUDE, I almost got hit HARD with the ball! I was taking my test on the bench and the ball bounces ONE INCH over my head! Well, we won the first game (singles) 10-7. then it was a tie, 3-3. We didn’t have much time for the second game, because Annisa got hit in the eye and we had to take a time-out. In sixth, we had to do all kinds of car payments and stuff like that. Deiondre got up and started walking and he TRIPPED AND FELL! OMG FUNNY!!!!!!!!! Speaking of Deiondre, yesterday he walked right up to my face in third period and straight up says, “I can sing better than you!” Never in his LIFE will he be able to sing BETTER than ME. Anyways, that’s it. Last night me and Brittany were thinking of making a band. I’m lead vocals, Brit’s back-up, Brandon’s keyboardist, Alondra’s drummist, and we’re still stuck on guitarist. We’re also stuck on a name, I’ll post a poll with the ones we chose. Our practice song will be CrushCrushCrush by Paramore. In extended homeroom, we had to do MATH. Mrs. Kreicher passed out a worksheet and I got done SEVEN MINUTES right after I got mine. I didn’t go up though. Christian and Davarius thought they were the first ones, but then I stood up and said, “Mrs. Kreicher, I got done seven minutes after you passed this out.” Everyone stared at me in amazement as if I’ve lifted three feet off the ground. In dance today, It was easy. I had a headache, but it wasn’t that bad. We did our dance twice then taught the first half of our old dance to Amber and Marina. We did toe-touches and hurkeys off the trampoline in an ENDLESS CYCLE! After class, Marina, Kayla, and Caleb were playing with my phone. Caleb called this girl and yeah…. Caleb’s only like…. i think nine or something? I don’t know.


October 14, 2008


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Today was boring-ish. In the courtyard, Kiara and Veronica were trashing Brit. I had no freaking clue why, but I just kept quiet. I was talking to Kasey today. She has REALLY changed! She went from ponytails to full head braids. Flare jeans to skinny jeans. Nike’s to Converse. And now, she’s rockstar, just like moi! Anyways, in fourth period (yes, all the other periods were boring) we recorded our songs. TOO MANY CLOSE-UPS! We were BAD. Then we watched Mrs. Nesmith’s sons’ videos. One of them was singing Take Me Out To The Ball Game and the other was singing the Oompa Loompa song. Speaking of Oompa Loompas, I flicked Kenneth in the head today and he got me back at the car rider ramp >_< In P.E. we played basketball again and we lost. Only because me and Elizabeth were the only ones playing. Diana didn’t try, Sydney wasn’t paying attention (did I mention she HIT the ball instead of catching it and GAVE the ball to the other team?) and Jenaliss was absent! We lost (we were doing singles) 16-10. Well I understand why because we had TWO players! I sprained the same finger I sprained yesterday, except today it hurts BAD. More than it did yesterday. Heidi got Pink’s So What stuck in my head. Then in sixth we didn’t do much. Me and Renee were singing our chorus songs, CrushCrushCrush by Paramore, and Fences by Paramore. It got quiet and we were like standing out. Then we got new seats. I sat next to Emily and I felt SO bad for Dong. He was sitting next to NATHAN! That freaking SPAZ. He tries to talk to people WAY out of his league and he likes a girl thats WAY WAAAAAAYYYYY out of his league. He’s a nobody. A hobo could be more popular than he could ever be. The girl he likes is known through the whole school. Anyways, at the end of the period, I gave Kaiden a hug. Then I went to the car rider ramp. My dad called me TEN MINUTES before the bell rang. Please tell me, does this make sense? He works for the county, he goes to elementary, middle, and high schools all over the county, and he doesn’t know when the final bell rings! ????? I gave Dong a hug and… thats it. OH there was this girl walking around with an Obama shirt. Not weird? Well, she was wearing an Obama MASK. Yep. That sums up my whole school day. See? BOOOOORRING! But the highlight of my week is…. I GOT MY COMPUTER BACK!!!

October 13, 2008


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I was laughing THE WHOLE day! In first period, Alex told me not to yell at Kenneth because according to him, Kenneth’s getting mad at him because I’m mad at him. I didn’t exactly get what he said. In second, Brian was singing AGAIN. In third, Zylkia said she three-wayed Kaiden with Renee and she was telling me what they said. I can’t exactly remember. At lunch, Kaiden wasn’t there. I was sitting next to Nicole then Dong ended up next to me. A few minutes later I moved with Zylkia and Renee because Nicole was getting really boring. In fifth, we played basketball. Girls against girls. We won ^_^ I picked the good players. When I had the ball, I would get AMBUSHED though. I bent my finger and its REALLY sore. T-E-A-M-W-O-R-K! BAMM! LOL randomm! Anyways, in sixth, me and Renee were alone in Mrs. Potter’s room using her computer (she let us) while the rest of the class was in the computer lab. We were talking about the Jonas Brothers and funny moments and Deiondre and Dong would walk in occasionally. Deiondre walked in and he put his arms around me and Renee and said, “these are my girls”. I got up and kicked him. Then Deiondre was acting all gay and said, “Dong, let me have a hug”. And Dong said, “I’d rather hug my girl than you…” Then Deiondre was standing in the door way with his knees together like he had to go pee or something. “Do you have to go to the bathroom or something?” Said Renee. “Yes, yes I do.” Then Renee said, “THEN GO!” and Deiondre looked up and down the hallway as if he were in Mission Impossible and blasted through the door. Then I gave Dong a hug. I gave Dong another hug at the end of the period and at the car rider line. Dong told me that Kenneth had walked into a pole today… LOL!

October 10, 2008

A Light Has Opened Up In My Life

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I could NOT be any happier!

Dong: r u here
Alyssa: yeah
Dong: i just got home
Alyssa: i can tell
Dong: it was boring
Alyssa: lol haha jk
Dong: the food was nasty
Alyssa: LOL!
Alyssa: sorry but what you said was funny
Dong: i know
Dong: i had salmon
Alyssa: i told kenneth that and he said i was torturing him
Alyssa: wtf salmon is good
Dong: lol
Dong: no they put too much butter
Alyssa: i’m not kidding i eat salmon all the time its good
Alyssa: ohhh i see
Dong: no its get boring
Alyssa: lol what did you do?
Dong: watch the rays game
Alyssa: wow
Dong: i know
Dong: i was boring too
Dong: there were fights
Dong: t
Alyssa: wow…
Dong: i was about to give you something but u left me
Alyssa: ?
Alyssa: give me what?
Dong: oragami
Alyssa: oh….
Alyssa: i was going to give something to you too but i forgot
Dong: i was bore so i made it
Alyssa: oh and one more thing…
Alyssa: YOU TOLD DEIONDRE?!?!?!?!?
Dong: he are ready knew
Alyssa: HOW?!?!?
Dong: al
Dong: the bet thing
Alyssa: oh
Alyssa: well he better not tell anyone
Dong: he wont
Alyssa: he told renee but i don’t really care cuz renee’s my friend
Dong: he knows what is going to happen
Alyssa: what do you mean by that?
Dong: the breakup thing
Alyssa: WHAT?
Dong: u goona breakup with
Alyssa: ?
Dong: me
Dong: gonna
Alyssa: of course not
Dong: really
Alyssa: yes
Dong: ok
Alyssa: you are the best boyfriend i’ve ever had really my last one was annoying and he still acts like we’re going out
Dong: wow
Alyssa: yeah…
Alyssa: he’s lucky that me and him are still friends
Dong: u say i was good luck
Alyssa: you are
Dong: awwwwww!!!!!!!!!
Alyssa: ^_^
Alyssa: i was just thinking about something
Dong: what???
Alyssa: we need a song
Dong: i know
Alyssa: hmm…
Dong: how about whatever u like
Dong: have u heard that song
Alyssa: i think
Alyssa: send me a youtube link
Dong: youtube.com
Alyssa: omg i mean a link to the song FROM youtube
Dong: i fogot how to do that
Alyssa: go to youtube.com
Dong: ok
Alyssa: then search the song
Dong: ok
Alyssa: then click on the vid
Dong: where is that
Alyssa: any video
Dong: ok
Alyssa: then copy the link
Dong: i cant do it .it wont let me do it
Alyssa: ok who’s the song by?
Dong: T.I.
Alyssa: ok hold on
Alyssa: oh THAT song
Dong: yeah
Alyssa: sorry i’m being picky but it can’t be a rap song…. i’m thinking
Dong: ok
Dong: i m use to what the girl say
Alyssa: lol
Dong: how about you are the music in me
Alyssa: are you sure? cuz thats…. hsm. i know i like hsm but…. you?
Dong: used to
Dong: i surprise myself
Dong: lol
Alyssa: you surprise me too
Dong: i know
Dong: i heard all of the hsm song
Alyssa: hold on i gotta ask kenneth something real quick… but i think his sister kicked him off the computer OH let me text him
Alyssa: ok, now that’s a scary thought…
Dong: haha lol
Dong: i have a sister
Alyssa: oh, ok now i get it
Dong: vietnamese people like the music
Alyssa Ballesteros: hehe lol
Dong: so i had to listen to it
Alyssa: filipinos are the kind of people that have an obsession for britney spears lol
Dong: it kind of good
Alyssa: and i’m not kidding
Dong: no
Alyssa: i’m serious people from the philippines are like in love with britney spears
Alyssa: its kinda scary
Alyssa: but her songs are good
Dong: wow!!
Dong: i use to listen to her song
Alyssa: you are REALLY scaring me now
Dong: used but no more
Dong: u gave u some of my serect
Dong: ii
Alyssa: ok… cuz that’s a scary thought… wait no it isn’t my cousin’s friend’s brother loves britney spears lol
Dong: not u
Alyssa: let me send you a vid of one of his vids
Dong: ok
Alyssa: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dvMTZaMCqCU
Alyssa: its funny and they’re filipino too! haha
Dong: wow
Dong: that is scary
Alyssa: isn’t the guy just funny
Dong: lol
Alyssa: especially his dancing
Alyssa: lol
Dong: he ugly
Dong: i had a dream with u in it
Alyssa: aww….
Alyssa: god i sound like brittany
Dong: lol
Dong: what does it mean that u r close to the bronze ring
Alyssa: ?
Alyssa: and you are the music in me is a good song
Dong: so is that our song
Dong: i miss u
Alyssa: yeah
Alyssa: and i need to ask you a very important question…
Dong: ok
Dong: what
Alyssa: do you love me?
Dong: yeah
Alyssa: awwwwwww i love you too
Alyssa: its took my other boyfriends two weeks to say that to me
Dong: awwwwww!!!!!!
Dong: wow
Alyssa: yep
Dong: he is sorry
Alyssa: who’s sorry?
Dong: it took me 3 days
Dong: your ex
Alyssa: oh
Alyssa: yeah it did take you three days
Alyssa: i think you’re finally the perfect guy
Dong: i just guess
Dong: awwww!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alyssa: ^_^
Dong: lol
Alyssa: i’m falling asleep gonna go to bed
Dong: ok

Alyssa: bye luv you
Dong: i luv u too

SO Awesomeful

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I can’t really remember what I did yesterday. So I won’t post Thursday’s moments on Fridays. Even if its really important, I know I won’t be able to remember. Anyways, today was absolutely perfect. Last night, Dong left me ALONE on IM. He said I typed that I had to go, but I never typed that. Anyways, he gave me gum. And a dollar, like usual. Yesterday I gave him a small hug and we brought our cheesecake home from chorus. Today, Dong gave my TWO pieces of gum! I confronted him about leaving me on IM in first. Then in sixth, we talked more. OH YEAH! In fifth period yesterday, this girl (I forgot her name) asked me to sing Unfaithful to Daquan. Well, not just me. Me, Madison, and Taylor B. I took a solo in the second verse because they didn’t know it. I got so many compliments. And then in sixth yesterday, I was singing Unfaithful (again) really quiet, then I looked up and people were staring at me as if I’ve just flown around the room. I was like, “did you hear that?” and they all nodded and said LOUDLY, “YES!” I was like, oh snap…. I was SO embarrassed! But people liked my singing anyway. Today after the bell rang, Dong walked with me and he asked me, “can I have a hug?” I thought he was crazy. “People are going to know if they see us!” and he’s like, “right…” then after he walks away, Renee whispered to me, “are you going out with him?” My eyes widened as if she told me she was going to kill me. “HOW DID YOU FIND OUT?!?!?” I asked. “Deiondre told me.” OMFG HE TOLD DEIONDRE? UGH HE BETTER NOT TELL ANYONE! I will KILL him Monday! In third, he was bugging me because Mr. Yoder asked him to re-enact a shampoo commercial (don’t ask, long story) and he didn’t have any hair. Well, he did, but it was too short. I said, “YOU DON’T HAVE HAIR!” and he said, “and you don’t have a personality…” I was about to KILL him! But I didn’t take it that much. I had another vision where I said “you don’t have any self-control” and he would say, “you don’t have any talent” and I would be, “oh yeah?” and get up and sing Fences by Paramore, which was stuck in my head for an hour. KENNETH TOLD ALEX ABOUT THIS SITE! HE DOES NOT FREAKING UNDERSTAND THAT ANYONE WHO IS NOT A CLOSE FRIEND IS NOT SUPPOSED TO SEE THIS! Unless you don’t know me and you’re just a visitor, of course. I’m yelling at him right now. We had Notes Alive camp from the end of school (4:15) to 8:15. We had pizza and brownies, and I texted Kenneth what we were eating and he said I was torturing him. Heidi, Me, Kendra, and both Madisons called the Jonas Brothers Fan Hotline and left a message with a parody of Burnin’ Up saying, “We’re hot; So Is Joe; You can bake cookies on his toe!; You’re hot!; And we’re not!; We’re so glad that you; Broke up with Taylor Swift!” It was FUNNY! Then I played Burnin Up on the piano while Heidi sang our version LOL. I can’t describe the whole camp, because it was four hours and there were lots of details. I have to watch Gerard and Brandon’s webcast now…. BYE!

P.S. That reminds me… I got TWO hugs from Kaiden instead of ONE! And he wore my sunglasses. He asked me, “Do I look pimp? Or gay?” LOLZ! Tori was taking attendance and when she said my name Kaiden called me, “Filipino Girl” haha.

October 8, 2008

“Life Has Loveliness”- Sara Teasdale

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Since I started dating Dong, I’ve been getting SO much good luck! In first, I asked him if his parents knew about us going out. His parents don’t let him but he does it anyway (ME TOO!) Then, in lunch, I gave Kaiden a hug! At the end of fourth, Mrs. Nesmith asked me to play Unfaithful on the piano and everyone else sings it when we go on tour! Then in fifth, Coach Martin wasn’t teaching us today! We had a free day in the basketball courts. I bonded with Dong some more. When it was time to go, Heidi and I attacked Dong with basketballs. ^_^ We got locked out so I tried to pick the lock but it didn’t work. We waited in the agonizing heat (sound familiar?) for 10 minutes until someone FINALLY opened the door! Then at the car rider line, me and Dong stood next to each other and talked. Kenneth was really weird again and started laughing for NO PARTICULAR REASON! Now, I’m talking to Dong and he asked for a hug. ^_^ OMFG I LOVE THIS BOY! And he’s really romantic he said he was shy to ask me for a hug in public and he said his heart was running! We’re both singers, he told me he used to go to an after school program for it. Well, I better get back to him!

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