October 16, 2008


Posted in Step In My Shoes at 10:44 pm by alyssajb

Today was AWESOME! I think I busted a gut, lol! In homeroom, our class got second place in Homeroom Attendance and Mrs. Kreicher GASPED as if she had just won the freaking lottety! OMG it was FUN-NY! Then in second, at the end of the period, I was showing Renee the Ninja Glare! In third it was AWE-SOME! Deiondre was trash talking Mr. Yoder so they took it physically. Mr. Yoder put his arm on Sasha’s desk and they ARM WRESTLED! Mr. Yoder won, of course. Deiondre’s weak, he got elbowed in the stomach by Zylkia. He was talking about how much shopping he was going to do over the weekend and we kept saying, “YOU ARE NOT A NORMAL GUY!” Then I ask him, “Deiondre, I need to ask you a very important question; DID YOU GET A SEX CHANGE?” I was serious! I’ve NEVER met a guy that likes CLOTHES shopping more than I do, and does it more often than I do! Then Frankie got in trouble. Stupid. Mr. Yoder gave him a referral. Haha, Frankie’s fault. Then in fourth, Alexys was using fortune telling cards. I didn’t ask. In fifth, we played basketball again and I had to take a softball test. DUDE, I almost got hit HARD with the ball! I was taking my test on the bench and the ball bounces ONE INCH over my head! Well, we won the first game (singles) 10-7. then it was a tie, 3-3. We didn’t have much time for the second game, because Annisa got hit in the eye and we had to take a time-out. In sixth, we had to do all kinds of car payments and stuff like that. Deiondre got up and started walking and he TRIPPED AND FELL! OMG FUNNY!!!!!!!!! Speaking of Deiondre, yesterday he walked right up to my face in third period and straight up says, “I can sing better than you!” Never in his LIFE will he be able to sing BETTER than ME. Anyways, that’s it. Last night me and Brittany were thinking of making a band. I’m lead vocals, Brit’s back-up, Brandon’s keyboardist, Alondra’s drummist, and we’re still stuck on guitarist. We’re also stuck on a name, I’ll post a poll with the ones we chose. Our practice song will be CrushCrushCrush by Paramore. In extended homeroom, we had to do MATH. Mrs. Kreicher passed out a worksheet and I got done SEVEN MINUTES right after I got mine. I didn’t go up though. Christian and Davarius thought they were the first ones, but then I stood up and said, “Mrs. Kreicher, I got done seven minutes after you passed this out.” Everyone stared at me in amazement as if I’ve lifted three feet off the ground. In dance today, It was easy. I had a headache, but it wasn’t that bad. We did our dance twice then taught the first half of our old dance to Amber and Marina. We did toe-touches and hurkeys off the trampoline in an ENDLESS CYCLE! After class, Marina, Kayla, and Caleb were playing with my phone. Caleb called this girl and yeah…. Caleb’s only like…. i think nine or something? I don’t know.



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