Contact Me!

I have a YouTube account, Colesp101

(Click picture to visit)


I also have a Polyvore account, .Alyssa.the.Rockstar.. If you don’t know what Polyvore is, go see for yourself!

(Click picture to visit)

Lastly, I have a Piczo, Sanrio-4-Ever. Thanks to my cousin, Angela for the banner!
(Click picture to visit)

If I am not able to reach you, (If you send me a message, of course) feel free to send me a message through these sites! Most preferably my Piczo or my YouTube. I get those messages a whole lot faster. But with Polyvore, I respond quicker…. kinda. LOL! So please contact me if you have any suggestions, feedback, or anything! Peace out!



P.S. I will update this if I get a new account on something.


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  1. Alex said,

    How do you make those images/links? I wanna make one for my new youtube.

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