October 20, 2008

Bust A Gut

Posted in Step In My Shoes at 6:42 pm by alyssajb

I was laughing SO much today! In first period, it was nearly empty because Avid had a field trip. Dong went too, and I was REALLY lonely. In third, it was still empty. Nathan wasn’t there and I was SO happy! At lunch, I got signed out. When I left, I saw more than a dozen hands go up in the air and wave bye to me. This dude I didn’t even KNOW waved bye! I had to go to the dentist again but didn’t take my stuff because I was coming back. I got a filling and five sealants. I came back at the beginning of 5th period but went to go get my stuff from Mr. Yoder’s first. I talked to Johhny a little and Paulina. I didn’t know Johnny was on our team, haha. We played football today. But we were just practicing passing and throwing while the boys were playing golf. Me, Anissa, and Amandie were the only ones playing. Sydney (what a surprise) played a little, along with Diana (both), Suzie, Jenaliss, Yasmin, and Ashley. Surprisingly I was good. But I sprained the same finger I sprained in basketball TWICE. That finger is ACCIDENT PRONE! Anissa kept acting like the ball was her baby (it was dismembered and all we got was the football head XD) and was throwing it against the ball, haha. We killed her baby ten times! In sixth, it was still empty. That reminds me, at lunch we kept saying that Josh was gay. Well, he’s bi. And that’s true. He was walking with Darron and his hand was ON HIS SHOULDER! At the car rider ramp I was SO glad to see Dong! I gave him a BIG hug. I saw Kaiden before that and I gave him a hug. I poked him in the arm and he turned around and said, “hey wassup” and gave me a hug. Not only that, but he LIFTED ME OFF THE GROUND! I screamed so hard! I walked over to Brittany and Renee with my hand over my mouth to keep me from screaming any more. I told them the whole story LAUGHING and Kenneth gave me a weird look. Renee says that I’m unfaithful because I like Kaiden and I’m going out with Dong…. she even stole some of the song lyrics…


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