October 7, 2008

Lady Luck Loves Me

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I had SUCH good luck today! Screw first, second, third, fourth, fifth (and by the way, it rained so we didn’t have to go outside ^_^)! In sixth, at the beginning of class, Dong talked to me. Then we took a career test online. I got the job that was MEANT for me! A SINGER! Kaiden kept talking to me ^_^ then at the end of class I gave him a hug. Dong got my phone number and email address from Brittany and we talked for a little while. Here was our convo:

Alyssa (10/7/2008 8:39:12 PM): are you online???
Dong (10/7/2008 8:39:19 PM): go to facebook.com then go to friend search type in dong anh nguyen
Alyssa (10/7/2008 8:39:26 PM): ok?
Dong (10/7/2008 8:39:36 PM): yes
Dong (10/7/2008 8:43:14 PM): r u still there
Alyssa (10/7/2008 8:43:19 PM): wait!
Dong (10/7/2008 8:43:24 PM): ok
Dong (10/7/2008 8:44:09 PM):
Alyssa  (10/7/2008 8:44:14 PM): what?!?
Alyssa  (10/7/2008 8:44:56 PM): now what i found your profile…
Dong (10/7/2008 8:45:08 PM): ok?
Alyssa  (10/7/2008 8:45:20 PM): you told me to go there!
Dong (10/7/2008 8:45:25 PM): ok
Alyssa  (10/7/2008 8:45:38 PM): what is with all the “ok”?!?!
Dong (10/7/2008 8:46:53 PM): i dont know
Alyssa (10/7/2008 8:46:59 PM): wow…
Dong (10/7/2008 8:47:16 PM): i know
Dong (10/7/2008 8:47:45 PM): did u see my piture
Alyssa (10/7/2008 8:48:09 PM): no you don’t have a picture
Dong (10/7/2008 8:48:30 PM): on face book
Alyssa (10/7/2008 8:48:35 PM): you don’t have one!
Dong (10/7/2008 8:48:47 PM): the one i drew
Alyssa (10/7/2008 8:48:54 PM): nope not there!
Dong (10/7/2008 8:49:07 PM): go to graffiti
Alyssa (10/7/2008 8:49:12 PM): ?
Dong (10/7/2008 8:50:09 PM): go to search type in graffiti then go to dong wall
Alyssa (10/7/2008 8:50:21 PM): okay…
Dong (10/7/2008 8:50:41 PM): then look at my pict
Alyssa (10/7/2008 8:51:30 PM): brittany is asking if you got her email
Dong (10/7/2008 8:51:37 PM): no
Alyssa (10/7/2008 8:53:12 PM): nope not there
Alyssa (10/7/2008 8:54:57 PM): now did you get her email?
Dong  (10/7/2008 8:55:39 PM): tell you what?
Dong (10/7/2008 8:55:49 PM): the email
Alyssa (10/7/2008 8:55:58 PM): i don’t know what it is!
Dong (10/7/2008 8:56:15 PM): u got my email?
Alyssa (10/7/2008 8:56:25 PM): ?
Alyssa (10/7/2008 8:56:38 PM): brittany sent you an email she’s asking if you got it
Dong (10/7/2008 8:56:55 PM): yes i think i got it
Alyssa (10/7/2008 8:57:40 PM): you think?
Dong (10/7/2008 8:58:06 PM): yes
Alyssa (10/7/2008 8:58:08 PM): and she wants you to stop calling her a gerd
Dong (10/7/2008 8:58:22 PM): ok
Alyssa (10/7/2008 8:59:33 PM): she says nevermind she still wants to be called gerd
Dong (10/7/2008 8:59:55 PM): i got to go so see u tommorow (crying)
Alyssa (10/7/2008 9:00:04 PM): aww ok
Alyssa (10/7/2008 9:00:12 PM): jeez you don’t talk much
Dong (10/7/2008 9:00:19 PM): i know (love face)
Dong (10/7/2008 9:00:37 PM): bye
Alyssa (10/7/2008 9:00:41 PM): bye
Dong (10/7/2008 9:00:58 PM): u like my last m
Alyssa (10/7/2008 9:01:05 PM): yeah ^_^
Alyssa (10/7/2008 9:01:35 PM): wow you’re not afraid to say anything to me
Alyssa (10/7/2008 9:03:31 PM): don’t i get a reply to that?
Alyssa (10/7/2008 9:03:58 PM): well bye

He’s so different when its just us talking.

Update: He signed back on and gave me his phone number ♥

 He’s awesome I luv him


October 6, 2008

Just Keeps Getting Better!

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I had the BEST day ever! Well, not the best day ever, but it was a GREAT day! In first, we played another integers game, which was really confusing. In third, me and Zylkia made up! Over text. I told her that I shouldn’t of gotten mad. I shouldn’t of, really. I knew she was joking. I didn’t know that at first =P. So anyways, at lunch, we were in line and Kaiden was in front of me! Then when I went back to my seat, I saw Kenneth. He got a haircut. He texted me this morning that his parents made him cut off all his hair. I thought he would look… horrible. And he told me not to laugh, then I texted back, Don’t count on it. His haircut wasn’t so bad, it was just like it was in 5th grade. He didn’t think so. Then Abby told me she had a perfect view of Kaiden, so I’m eating my cookie and I start choking! LOLZ! I could breathe, it was just stuck in my throat lol. I thought it was funny, but Emily didn’t. Aww, she’s no fun. Then in fourth, we tried on one of our dresses today. Blue, is my color. I looked so AWESOME in it! Then in fifth, we had to play softball again. I was pretty good today. But I twisted my ankle (again) because I ran too fast. I heard one of the guys say I wasn’t a bad runner. If my ankle never did that and I didn’t have asthma, I would be on the track team. In sixth, we had to play a PotterBucks game today. There were physical and mental challenges. Dong was on our team, and he kept on bringing up the dating subject. He said he would talk to me at the car rider line. Anyways, Abby said she didn’t have a pencil so she took Dong’s. Dong blinked his eyes as if he didn’t know what just happened, then took Abby’s notebook. Then Abby dropped the pencil in front of him then Dong threw Abby’s notebook at her and I snatched the pencil. LOLZ! He was all like, “you guys are mean!” When Mrs. Potter said, “who’s going to be doing the first mental challenge?” The second she said that, we all pointed at Dong, and he turned around and he was like, “WHY ME?!?!?” then we pushed him. LOL. The challenge was to draw an accurate picture of a llama. ???? I know, me too. He drew a camel… then he changed it at like the last second. We were in 2nd place. He was like, “awesome” (he always says that) when Mrs. Potter announced that we won 2nd. Then was the physical challenge. Contestants had to balance a paper plate on their finger. We made Jasmine do it. Deiondre was BAD. The first second, it fell then he walked past Jasmine and BLEW IT! OMFG CHEATER! AND MRS. POTTER SAW IT AND DIDN’T DO ANYTHING! Tori got first place. Then was another mental challenge, a math problem. I went. I won. The second Mrs. Potter told us “GO!” I was nearly done. People behind me were like, “DANG!” and “OMG SHE’S ALREADY HALF WAY DONE!” I felt special. ^_^ I was BORN for math, it’s EASY! Then I walked back to my seat with my head held high. The last physical challenge was almost darts but with paper balls and Mrs. Potter had to mark where you hit it. Du got a bulls-eye. Abby was way off. Kaiden was off. Tessa was off. Round two: Du was off. Abby stopped aiming after her first shot. Kaiden was WAY off! He hit the very top of the wall! EVERYONE WAS CRACKING UP! Tessa was at the same area as Du. Du won. I asked Kaiden, “how could you throw it all the way up there?!?!?” and he shrugged with a smile on his face. Then Abby’s like, “good job Kaiden!” and Kaiden put a thumbs up. LOLZ! That was it. Kaiden gave me a hug in the hallway. HE’S MY NEW TEDDY BEAR! Then at the car rider line, Dong asked me out. I said yes. That was the highlight for today, and he was the same height as me. If someone’s shorter than me, that’s hard. We plan to keep it secret because we don’t want to be that much of big news. Alondra and Yasmin are the only ones that know and don’t plan on telling anyone. People keep asking me if Dong’s my brother…. its not weird, we’re both Asian so I don’t blame them. He and Kenneth raced and Kenneth almost got run over… like 10% funny and 90% scary. If I lost him, I would be crushed. He’s like my brother and my best friend! No one wants their best friend to get run over, right? Anyways, Kenneth looked at me like I was stupid when I told him about my cookie incident. LOLZ! I was going to give Dong a hug, but there were “witnesses”. And that would be… bad. Kenneth raced Dong again and this time he almost ran into a car. It wasn’t moving, he almost slammed into the door. Now THAT would’ve been funny! I loved today.

October 4, 2008

(Friday) Frozen In Shock

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Yesterday was FREAKY! In 1st, we finished the integers game. In 3rd, Zylkia still ignored me, and surprisingly didn’t have any reaction to when me, Abby, or Renee were near her. She seemed so relaxed, as if that day never happened. She hasn’t said one word to any of us. At lunch, Kaiden was right in front of me in the lunch line then LEFT! =O OMG! Then Renee said, “has Zylkia talked to you guys yet?” We nodded no. Then I said, “It’s probably because she thinks you’re on my side.” Then Abby just blurts out, “because we ARE on your side!” Well, that was true. But anyways, in 4th Mrs. Nesmith was back. We had to turn in our field trip money. In 5th, we played softball again and of course, I sucked. But while we were in the outfield, Dong would constantly walk up to me and start talking! People say we look alike. He said, “if I was her brother, I would be lying dead on the floor right now.” I attacked him. Then he tells me about a bet he made with his friend that he could get a girlfriend faster than friend. And for TWO DOLLARS! ???? Dong was going to pity date a girl. In my head, I was thinking, where are you going with this??? He was SO close to asking me out until I said, “don’t look at me”. I kept on telling people how stupid he was. Then he ended up winning with Tessa. He was stupid, because you don’t tell the girl you plan on asking out the bet! Kaiden and I walked to the back counter at the same time and I poked him in the back, then I gave him a hug. This time it was long with BOTH hands! YAY! Unfortunately, Renee and Abby didn’t see this one. Abby went over to ask him what I told her, and he said no. But he either just said it because he thinks Abby will tell me the answer, or he said no because he’s already going out with someone, which is true. He is going out with someone already. I missed that hug. But he doesn’t mind giving hugs to people. He’s a hugger lol. I told my friends in the car rider line, then Dong comes up to me and brings up the bet again. We talk for a while and then this is where it gets scary. I tell him, “you pity date me anyway”. And he says, brace yourself, “no I wouldn’t.” He wouldn’t wanna pity date me! He admitted he likes me! Not in those words, but he wants to go out with me! I just stared at him in shock, eyes wide open. Kenneth, behind him had listened to the whole thing and was in the same state as me. Standing frozen, eyes wide open, but MOUTH hanging open at the fact of what Dong just said. I backed away. I would’ve gone out with him if he didn’t tell me about the bet. He screwed up BAD. Then I had to leave and I told him, “you know, I would’ve said yes if you’d just tell me in the first place and not throw in that stupid bet.” I walked away, then my mom had to drive up so I walked the other way, and I said, “and I’m not lying either.” Dong yelled out, “really?!?!?” He seemed desperate. I had another vision in my head where Dong stares at me leaving, then Kenneth says to him, “Dude. You messed up BAD. I would’ve talked to her for you if you told me.” Then Dong says, “Well I- you see- UGH! I DID MESS UP!” after I left, I sent a text to Kenneth telling him to show the next messages to Dong: Yeah i kinda liked you because you were nice to me then i suspected something after you started being mean to me if you had just asked me out instead of telling me about that stupid bet i would of said yes and im not lying i don’t lie now that youre pity dating tessa i guess youre out of chances BUT you can make up for it. Kenneth couldn’t show him because Dong had left after Kenneth got the messages. I told him to show the messages on Monday. And yes, I did like Dong a bit. We’re Asian, we both have black hair, yeah. If we ever did go out, NO ONE could know. Its hard to keep dating a secret. Me and Brandon’s secret got out on our first day going public. But Amanda was there to witness it.

The page should be up today, including another page.

(Thursday) Back The Heck Off!

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I got SO mad Thursday! But I should start from the beginning. In 1st we had to play this Integers card game, which after all, wasn’t that bad. Then in lunch, thats where it started. Renee was telling Zylkia about her and Abby’s plan to talk to Kaiden for me, then Zylkia and Amanda start making up perverted stuff and actually TOLD Kaiden! I got so mad! Zylkia wasn’t even listening when I told her that I was being serious! Amanda backed down a little, and I started just ignoring them. Then I gave Zylkia a little scratch that you couldn’t even SEE and she tried to start a freaking fight! Zylkia is really jerky once you get to know her. Then I started crying a little because she wouldn’t stop and I heard her say, “I made my point, I made her cry. Big deal, I’ll leave her alone”. Renee and Abby took my side, and probably aren’t Zylkia’s friend anymore. Like 80% of me hates her and the other 20% still wants to be her friend. Even Amanda tried to talk Zylkia into changing her attitude. I don’t know what it is that gets her friends, because Taylor, Angelica, Alexys, and other people are still her friend, even after they heard what she did. Well, I don’t care anymore. In 4th, we had a free day. I sat next to Renee, and I was talking to her about Zylkia, so I kept saying her name. Zylkia goes, “what, what, what, what?” and I’m like, “I wasn’t calling you.” and then she said, “well, then keep my name out of your f****** mouth.” I can’t believe she would say that! In 5th, we played Ultimate Frisbee, which was pretty fun. I forgot to take my inhaler. =P So I was pretty bad. Then in 6th, Kaiden kept on staring at me (again). It wasn’t that exciting as usual. For extended homeroom, we went to watch this presentation on car insurance. Its for this whole economy roleplay our team is going. Kaiden had to go up and read and pretend to be an agent XD. Me, Renee, and Abby were like, “GO KIRBY!” Then at the end, Kaiden was giving hugs to dozens of people, which made me crave one. Then he turned to me and I just waved, then he gave me a hug! And it was pretty long, too. The only problem was I could only use one hand. I had my binder in the other. >_< Then Renee was like, “Alyssa, we need to talk!” and Abby was smiling at me. Outside, Renee was glaring at me because she didn’t get a hug yet. Kaiden went to band after school and Renee was yelling after him, “KAIDEN! WAIT! I LOVE YOU!” Imagine if he heard her! OMFG! FUN-NY! At the car rider line, Yasmin told me that she used to go out with him. She said he gave great hugs, which I of course agreed with. One day while they were on the phone (which by the way, is his house phone. He doesn’t have a cell phone and Kia gave me his number.) Kaiden asked her, “do you like to be held?” then Yasmin said, “yeah why?” then Kaiden said “then I’ll hold you when it’s cold.” I hated her so much at that moment. Then they slow danced at one of the school dances and Kaiden said, “I have abs” then Yasmin goes, “oh, really?” then Kaiden goes, “yeah, feel!” I HATED HER! SHE FELT HIS ABS! >_< AUGH!!!!!!!!!!!! Kaiden doesn’t talk to Yasmin anymore because he thinks she’s a stalker. That pretty much wraps up Thursday. You know what’s kinda odd, I didn’t tell Kenneth about the whole Zylkia situation yet. I’ll tell him later.

October 1, 2008

Listening Obviously Does Not Apply

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Today was normal. Boring. In third, Zylkia was writing a rather perverted note that was made to look like I made it. You don’t wanna know what it said. Then Mr. Yoder made Zylkia throw it away. She said she just made the note to mess with me. She was “planning” on giving it to Kaiden. But thats it for third. Then in fourth, Mrs. Nesmith was out and we had a sub. She couldn’t speak English well but when she did, you couldn’t understand because of her accent. So a few girls had to be the subs. Coach Martin was back in fifth. Ugh. We played softball, and amazingly I sucked. I hit it, but always got out. I don’t understand, my grandma played softball in high school. Oh well. Sixth is always the “interesting” period. Kaiden kept staring at me (again) and Renee and Abby planned to ask him if he liked me or not. They forgot to ask him at the beginning of class. Then while we were working, Kaiden kept doing FUNNY stuff and we were all laughing so hard! So when the bell rang, Renee and Abby rushed up to him but Kaiden couldn’t hear because he was talking to someone. Then when he finally noticed them, some guy kicked him in his “area” so he was walking crouched down. He didn’t want to think so he said “no” to every freaking question he was asked. At the car rider line, Johnny talked to me again. And Emanuel creeped up behind me and freaking SCARED me! I thought he was a girl because he said my name in a high-pitched voice. At the bus stop this morning, I remembered it was my cousin’s birthday, so I texted him, “Happy Birthday!!!!”. Then he texted me back, “thanks, shortstuff”. Then I texted back, “JUST BECAUSE I’M SHORTER THAN YOU DOESN’T ME YOU CAN CALL ME SHORTSTUFF!”. Then he texted, “yes i can”. HE’S SO MEAN! Then I had dance today. I managed some time. It was hard, considering I had a bad leg cramp at 4:30 this morning. Then I have to learn part of a dance, some of it I have down. That pretty much wraps up today. Oh, I just remembered, my school had a basketball game today. I don’t know who won or lost, but I’ll post it when I find out.

September 30, 2008


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Kaiden came back today! YAYZ! And I looked even BETTER than I did yesterday! In second period, Laila was absent this time. It wasn’t the same. At lunch, I saw Kaiden and Zylkia was being such an idiot! She went up to Kaiden and said, “Kaiden, did you like the note?” and Kaiden just bobbed his head like five times. Then Zylkia whispers, “he also said he wanted to *bang bang* you” I was like WTF but she was lying. She also said that Kaiden framed the note and its on his wall, which was also a lie. In fourth we had chorus and I made friends with the Notes Alive girls. They’re nice once you actually get to know them. P.E. was SO fun! Coach Martin was out again so we stayed inside and played dodgeball. Girls against girls and boys against boys. We played four rounds, and we lost twice and won twice. I kept nailing people from behind because they were just standing around talking and I hit Brittany, a Notes Alive girl. Not the other one. Then Emily hit me! OH MY A-GAWD! Anyways, we were talking to Suzie and stuff and then we saw Kyle, a guy from last year but moved. He got so freaking chubby and all his brown curls were gone! He was nearly BALD now. In sixth, things changed since Kaiden read the note. I mean, he still talks to me but his seat got moved all the way across the room. And this time, Tessa’s backed off a little. She doesn’t try to show him off as much. Kaiden hasn’t called me Filipino Girl ONCE today. See? Changes. Then we had to freaking work with Spaz Cracker Nate. He finally got the message that no one liked him and started working on his own, which he got in trouble for. Good. I ran into Kaiden in the hall in third and said, “Hi, Kaiden”. In my mind I was saying it all lovey-dovey but I was smart enough not to actually say it like that. “Hey” was the only thing he said to me today. I was going to go flirt with him at the check-in check-out desk in sixth after I finished my work, but I had so MUCH work I didn’t get a chance. Maybe tomorrow. Kaiden still stares at me and stuff, but he hasn’t been talking much. Other than that everything’s boring.

September 29, 2008

Its Just Not The Same Without Kaiden

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Yeah, the heading is the most important thing. *Sniff sniff* he wasn’t here today. Well anyways, I got bangs yesterday! They were supposed to be side bangs, but that hag of a stylist cut them too short. >_< So I moved them to the front for real bangs and they looked even better! And, I also had to turn in my coral reef project today. I went to Emily’s party Saturday, and it was sooooooo much fun! Well when everyone got here, we talked for a while and threw stuffed animals at each other LOL. Then we called the Jonas Brother hotline and Abby was soooooo mean! Emily said, “Nick’s hot” and then I said “Joe’s hot” and then Taylor said “…. I like Joe’s hair….?” and then Abby whispered into the phone “KEVIN’S GAY” =O OMG SO TOTALLY NOT COOL! Anyways, then we went to the pool and played Colors then went back to shower and eat and whack the pinata. We had cookie cake and somehow icing got onto the carpet and Emily got really mad and just ditched us to play Guitar Hero. We were all talking about how much of a big deal she was making all of this and we were nice enough to clean it up for her. No matter how much we called Emily over, she wouldn’t come and then she finally called Nicole over and then Nicole came stomping back a few minutes later. Guess what? Nicole told us that Emily was turning the volume up HIGHER so we would come over there! OH MY A-GAWD! So, we played Guitar Hero for a while then we played piano, and sang, and hit the Tiki Head pinata. It hung from the ceiling and wouldn’t break, so we put it on the ground and tenderized it LOL! I pretended that it was Brandon’s face and smashed it like there was no tomorrow! Speaking of Brandon, we’re still not friends, he’s just my new therapist. Long story, don’t ask. So, that pretty much wraps up my Saturday. Everyone’s reaction to my bangs were either “OH MY GAWD YOU LOOK SOOOOO DIFFERENT!” or “OH MY GAWD I TOTALLY LIKE YOUR HAIR!” or if you’re Zylkia, “OH MY *laughter* OH MY GAWD *laughter* WHY???? IT LOOKS NICE BUT WHY????? DID NAN CUT IT?” Yeah, she nearly died of laughter. Not laughing as if it looked bad, she liked it but she was just laughing because she wasn’t used to it. When I walked out of Homeroom, this girl that I know just gets PUSHED into me, knocking off a big chunk of styrofoam off my project! I felt like yelling, but cooled down because I didn’t want to blow up in front of four teachers. Kenneth’s reaction to my bangs wasn’t big, by the way. He just hung his mouth open to play along. He liked it. Anyways, ummm in third Deiondre was dancing and Mr. Yoder was CRACKING UP! At lunch we tried to look for Kaiden but he wasn’t here. I dressed NICE for him! In fourth, Heidi, Kendra, Ashleigh, and I were talking about the Jonas Brothers funny moments. It was a free day because Mrs. NeSmith needed to get fundraiser money settled in. And in sixth, Brandy was the seating chart person. Yasmin asked her if she could sit next to Kaiden, then I asked if I could sit near him with Emily, then Abby and Renee asked too. It wasn’t the same in sixth, because there wasn’t a totally hot guy sitting behind me. And, there was no totally hot guy to talk to me either. At the car rider ramp, there was a fight. Not big though, although it was a stupid place to have it where dozens of adult witnesses could watch you. Then Suzie came up to me and said she wasn’t moving! Yayy! She said that her mom just took all her stuff away. Anyways, I’m a little suspicious. This year, Johnny and Nick and Tyler are trying to talk to me as much as they can. Especially Johnny. In P.E. I was fine today. I didn’t take my inhaler and I was fine. Sorry I’m out of order but things keep popping into my head that I forgot to list. Jorge nailed me in the face with a basketball, so I took it and nailed him harder, in the nuts. Then we used the jump rope as a slingshot and I fell. Lol. It was fun. I can give you a list of people that I know like me.

1. Dong… he’s mean to me so much its obvious

2. Nick… even last year he did

3. Johnny… he’s starting to talk to me a lot

4. Tyler… him too

5. Kenneth… no duh

6. Robert… he’s called me hot twice and likes to look at me

7. Brandon… he tried to bribe me

8. Kaiden…  a player but he still likes me anyway

9. Cristian… he used to be obsessed with me and isn’t anymore, but still likes me

10. Alex… even though he say that he thinks of me as a friend, I know he’s lying

Thats all I can think of right now. And the new page will probably be up this weekend. I won’t be posting on Wednesdays and Thursdays because thats when I have dance. I will post Wednesdays and Thursdays happenings on Fridays.

September 26, 2008


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Today was SO bad!!! Well, sixth period that is. In first, Kaiden came over to Mrs. Creature’s because Mr. Yoder’s class got split up. He was in ours. Renee and I planned to drop the note from yesterday ummm…. nevermind I’ll spoil it. Anyways, it was REALLY cold in her room and I looked around for someone with a jacket and saw Kaiden. If I asked to borrow his jacket, I might make it too obvious. So I just said, “OMG I’m SO cold!!!” when he came near. Well, he didn’t get the message. 😛 In third period I was in Ms. Worden’s for split-up. And guess who was in that class! Kaiden! I wish I had Nicole’s seat… she was sitting RIGHT behind Kaiden! TT.TT We didn’t talk much considering we were on the other side of the room and… yeah. At lunch, I thought we might be able to sit at Mrs. Worden’s table. Guess what? No room. RAWR! But we left too early and I said three words to him– “should we go?” He just shrugged. Wow, what an ENGAGING conversation? In sixth, me and Renee planned to make a note that talked about Kaiden. We wrote something about him and passed it back to each other. We planned to drop it near his desk in sixth so he would read it and actually get the message. Well guess what? Renee was kidding and she told me that AFTER Kaiden picked it up. SHE SHOULD’VE TOLD ME THAT! I tried to snatch it out of his hands but he already started reading by that time. I rushed to my seat, embarrassed along with Renee, and hid my head. I heard him say, “I’m definitely keeping this.” AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think we– I— pushed it WAY too far. Renee kept on bringing up the subject and saying how stupid I was for actually following the plan. I felt good at first, but as each minute passed, regret kept on piling up on me. I was TOTALLY avoiding him!!! Then Eduardo asked, “which one of you thinks Kaiden is hot?” then Emily said, “these two right here” pointing to me and Renee. OMG I WAS TOTALLY ABOUT TO SLAP HER! But instead I stabbed her with my pencil, which she really deserved. Speaking of Emily, Kaiden didn’t pick up the note at first so Emily pointed to it which made it TOTALLY obvious! YOU KNOW WHO’S STUPID? SHE IS! OMG I SOOOOOO HATED HER RIGHT THEN! AND I STILL DO RIGHT NOW! Going back to Emily’s squealing, I added, “Abby too!” Which technically was true, even though she didn’t participate in the note-passing. When the bell rang, I tried to walk as FAST as I could trying to avoid Kaiden. Went well, then I found a mob of crying girls- mostly my friends- crowding around an upset and tearful Suzie. I raced over and asked what happened. Turns out she’s moving! ONOZ! She said that she’s being sent to California. I also heard that she’s being sent there because something bad happened and she was blamed for it and she didn’t do it. That is freaking WRONG! You can’t automatically blame someone without actually knowing! GEEZ! People are so CRUEL these days! Then at the car rider line, I told Zylkia and Brittany EVERYTHING! Zylkia was laughing so hard and Renee was going on and on saying how stupid I was, again. Then Kenneth came over and tried to flick me in the head but Brittany caught him. Zylkia thought he was gay, which was REALLY funny even though it wasn’t true. Then Robert came over and asked me, “why are you so dressed-up?” Dressed up? Does a two-in-one, miniskirt, leggings, and flip flops count as dressed up? Well, Robert likes me so I guess he thought I looked hot. Again. Then Kenneth asked me about his evil dog again and told him I’m not in the mood, and I heard Robert mumble, “probably because you won’t go out with her.” Oh ma a-gawd I was TOTALLY going to kill him! I ran over to him and beat the crap out of him with my binder. Kenneth still didn’t talk to me much… I didn’t do anything, did I? I hope not. But still, I hated this day! I had a vision in my head about what might happen if Kaiden actually did talk to me after I ran out of the room. I would tell you but the note had this website written on it…. and I would be embarrassed if he saw it… but I’ll tell you anyway. OH and speaking of the note, Kaiden was SHOWING it to other people! =O SO not right! Anyways, about the vision… I always get these about a guy I liked. Its kinda like movie drama/romance-ish. Well I walk out of the room, walking as fast as I can when Kaiden catches up to me and grabs my arm. I struggle to break loose but Kaiden makes me turn my head and stand still and listen to what he had to say. I didn’t actually think of what he might say, considering I was too lost in his eyes. OMG I sound like Heidi! Anyways, talk, talk, talk, then eventually he lifts my chin up and kisses me. Psh, like that will ever happen. I bet you I won’t get my first kiss until like 10th grade. If we ever went out I would have to hide it from my parents again. They won’t let me date until like 18. Yeah. I do it anyway. Did you know Kaiden is one of the very few guy-friends I have that are taller than me? I’m just too tall…. or the world is too short…

P.S. I’m making a new page later on in the week called “All About my Friends”!

September 25, 2008

Fights and Bonding

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Yesterday me and Brandon had the BIGGEST fight ever. Go to http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=3770399 to see the whole thing. Anyways, I wore black today because of the fight. I will wear black the day after a fight with a friend or a break-up. I totally looked awesome though. I put my hair in two half ponytails on each side. I wore my “You Break It You Buy It” shirt and since it was pink and black, I wore pink and black jeans, pink and black shoes, and I found my pink camoflage armwarmers. It matched my pink camoflage belt and they didn’t even come together! In first period, I had to go back to the nurse, this time to pick up my inhaler. Renee told me just after I came in, Mrs. Kreicher (Creature) just got done yelling at Sydney. She was standing up at my friend Diana (A.K.A. Ruby)’s desk and Mrs. Kreicher said, “Why are you on the floor?” Sydney wasn’t on the floor, she was standing. Sydney looked at her like she was stupid and said, “What?” And then Mrs. Kreicher was like, “THE THING YOU’RE STANDING (big breath like she’s having an asthma attack) ON!!!!!!!!” ??????? Waaaaayyyy cheesy. We mocked her for the rest of the day. We took a breath after EVERY word! Quotation means a breath. We were like, THE ” THING ” YOU’RE “STANDING””ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was HILARIOUS! In second I continued to write “I love Kaiden” on the desk. In third we had a substitute and a MEAN ONE at that. Her name was Mrs. Yntema. Echhh. She didn’t yell though because we had a test to take. But we have her again tomorrow. TT.TT  In fourth we auditioned for the solo for “I’m Not That Girl”. I liked the voices of four people: Angelica (of course), a girl named Rebecca, a girl named Brianna, and a girl named Sienna. Out of the five of us, and by five I mean me, Angelica, Rebecca, Brianna, and Sienna, I was the loudest. Although I sounded terrible on the first high note and cracked at the second one because I had a stupid tickly in my throat and had to cough. My phone kept going off because I set an alarm to remind me to take my inhaler and it wouldn’t shut off. I’m lucky everyone was talking and the music was playing loud so Mrs. NeSmith couldn’t hear it. Phew! In fifth we didn’t have to dress out because we had to take ANOTHER test. It was easy because Coach Martin went over the answers yesterday. ^_^ In sixth people brought in food in addition to their culture fair project from yesterday. I had banana pudding, which was WAAAAY too sweet, and a tortilla with peanut butter. It was YUM-MY! Me and Renee were writing notes back and forth about Kaiden and Kaiden kept trying to peek. Which was technically a good thing so that he would know I liked him and finally get some nerve. Renee says that we look good together, mostly because he’s taller than me this time. Speaking of Kaiden, he finally remembered what my name was…. although he still calls me Filipino Girl. I don’t mind, considering the fact that it’s true. He spotted my armwarmer and tried it on but it didn’t fit. He couldn’t get his thumb through the hole. When I tried to talk to him after the bell, Tessa just dragged him along and said, “you don’t have anyone to talk to. Now come on.” Snobby much! Sometimes I just want to slap her. She’s my friend and all, but sometimes she acts like those snobby cheerleaders in the movies or in books and stuff. Renee and I made up a song about Kaiden. It goes to one of the songs from “Finding Nemo”. I can’t remember the lyrics, but it’s the theme song to our “I LOVE KAIDEN” club. Three members AND WHAT! Me, Renee, and my friend Yasmin. Me and Kaiden talked more this week than any other week. I brought a picture to school with me and my friend Chris in first grade. It was the last day of school and also my birthday party. Chris had glasses back then and preppy style. Now he wears contacts and still is preppy. He had a lollipop in the picture and when me andd my friends tried to compare them at the bus stop, the present-day Chris had a lollipop in his mouth too, just like the picture! =O Freaky mann! Anyways, I hit Kenneth in the head while he was getting water. He’s been dressing kinda nice this week. Shirt underneath and button down on top? Nice! I really liked what he was wearing today. Speaking of Kenneth’s clothing, what he wore last Friday he wore Monday…. kinda weird…. I acted all depressed because that fight with Brandon kinda bummed me out. I made up the suicide thing to scare Brandon and make him feel guilty. Anyways, I was acting all depressed and NO ONE NOTICED! Not even Kenneth! He just walked by and made me mad by saying, “here comes Slinky!”. I just shrugged, a sign that I’m not feeling that great today. Sometimes there is just nothing in his brain. My emotions did not apply to him today. One thing that’s definitely in his mind is paranoia. Everytime I’m near him he would flinch as if I was going to flick him! Kinda true, but I stopped doing that. It’s getting kinda old. I got lectured today by my stupid parents about what time I went to bed last night. 11:00. Yep. I was watching TV because that makes me tired. I wasn’t tired at all before that so I tried to tire myself out. Ugh, do I hate my life. Emily got mad at me because she wasn’t my number one best friend. Well, she is mean sometimes. She hits me a lot and sometimes that leaves a mark. She throws my stuff on the ground sometimes. My best friend is Kenneth and everyone should know that. You can even go up to him and say, “Kenneth, who’s your best friend?” And I bet you he would say me. He’s a great guy. But there’s something wrong with me. Everytime a good time comes to hug him, I would say, “you better not hit me!” instead of giving him a hug. I need to see a therapist or something.

September 24, 2008


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Today was pretty normal. This morning I had to drag my big bulky culture fair project on the bus. First period I had to go back to the nurse. Second period, nothing. Third was pretty interesting. I was giving a highlighter to Renee but when I threw it I accidentally hit Taylor in the head. LOLZ! At lunch I tore off the stretchy bra strao on my shirt and tried to flick Kenneth in the back. In fourth I had to go back to the nurse AGAIN to take my inhaler. Turns out the nurse does eat lunch in the office. Fifth we took a golf test and it was TOTALLY FREAKING EASY! Then we played street hockey for like five minutes. Then in sixth we (Me, Emily, Abby, and Renee) were throwing paper balls back and forth at Kaiden. Tessa was once again trying too hard to show him off and she said really bratty, “Kaiden, I need a hug.” God just shut up! Then I turned around and he just freaking nailed me in the forehead! OMG I was SOOOOO ticked off I walked right up to him and attacked him with my binder. He thinks that a one inch binder with two folders and paper in it is heavy. ?????? Heavy? OH YEAH that reminds me Abby was mouthing out “Kaiden is sexy” to me but I couldn’t hear her so Renee said it REALLY loud! It’s good Kaiden didn’t hear us! Or did he? Hmmm? My head still hurts but hey, at least I didn’t get jabbed in the back or stomach or side! At the car rider line I got real lonely. Kenneth wouldn’t even come over. I called him shortstuff and he didn’t hear me…. did I do something wrong? I hope not…. usually he would come over to talk to me and he didn’t today. That kinda hurt….

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