October 14, 2008


Posted in Step In My Shoes at 5:54 pm by alyssajb

Today was boring-ish. In the courtyard, Kiara and Veronica were trashing Brit. I had no freaking clue why, but I just kept quiet. I was talking to Kasey today. She has REALLY changed! She went from ponytails to full head braids. Flare jeans to skinny jeans. Nike’s to Converse. And now, she’s rockstar, just like moi! Anyways, in fourth period (yes, all the other periods were boring) we recorded our songs. TOO MANY CLOSE-UPS! We were BAD. Then we watched Mrs. Nesmith’s sons’ videos. One of them was singing Take Me Out To The Ball Game and the other was singing the Oompa Loompa song. Speaking of Oompa Loompas, I flicked Kenneth in the head today and he got me back at the car rider ramp >_< In P.E. we played basketball again and we lost. Only because me and Elizabeth were the only ones playing. Diana didn’t try, Sydney wasn’t paying attention (did I mention she HIT the ball instead of catching it and GAVE the ball to the other team?) and Jenaliss was absent! We lost (we were doing singles) 16-10. Well I understand why because we had TWO players! I sprained the same finger I sprained yesterday, except today it hurts BAD. More than it did yesterday. Heidi got Pink’s So What stuck in my head. Then in sixth we didn’t do much. Me and Renee were singing our chorus songs, CrushCrushCrush by Paramore, and Fences by Paramore. It got quiet and we were like standing out. Then we got new seats. I sat next to Emily and I felt SO bad for Dong. He was sitting next to NATHAN! That freaking SPAZ. He tries to talk to people WAY out of his league and he likes a girl thats WAY WAAAAAAYYYYY out of his league. He’s a nobody. A hobo could be more popular than he could ever be. The girl he likes is known through the whole school. Anyways, at the end of the period, I gave Kaiden a hug. Then I went to the car rider ramp. My dad called me TEN MINUTES before the bell rang. Please tell me, does this make sense? He works for the county, he goes to elementary, middle, and high schools all over the county, and he doesn’t know when the final bell rings! ????? I gave Dong a hug and… thats it. OH there was this girl walking around with an Obama shirt. Not weird? Well, she was wearing an Obama MASK. Yep. That sums up my whole school day. See? BOOOOORRING! But the highlight of my week is…. I GOT MY COMPUTER BACK!!!


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