October 13, 2008


Posted in Step In My Shoes at 8:06 pm by alyssajb

I was laughing THE WHOLE day! In first period, Alex told me not to yell at Kenneth because according to him, Kenneth’s getting mad at him because I’m mad at him. I didn’t exactly get what he said. In second, Brian was singing AGAIN. In third, Zylkia said she three-wayed Kaiden with Renee and she was telling me what they said. I can’t exactly remember. At lunch, Kaiden wasn’t there. I was sitting next to Nicole then Dong ended up next to me. A few minutes later I moved with Zylkia and Renee because Nicole was getting really boring. In fifth, we played basketball. Girls against girls. We won ^_^ I picked the good players. When I had the ball, I would get AMBUSHED though. I bent my finger and its REALLY sore. T-E-A-M-W-O-R-K! BAMM! LOL randomm! Anyways, in sixth, me and Renee were alone in Mrs. Potter’s room using her computer (she let us) while the rest of the class was in the computer lab. We were talking about the Jonas Brothers and funny moments and Deiondre and Dong would walk in occasionally. Deiondre walked in and he put his arms around me and Renee and said, “these are my girls”. I got up and kicked him. Then Deiondre was acting all gay and said, “Dong, let me have a hug”. And Dong said, “I’d rather hug my girl than you…” Then Deiondre was standing in the door way with his knees together like he had to go pee or something. “Do you have to go to the bathroom or something?” Said Renee. “Yes, yes I do.” Then Renee said, “THEN GO!” and Deiondre looked up and down the hallway as if he were in Mission Impossible and blasted through the door. Then I gave Dong a hug. I gave Dong another hug at the end of the period and at the car rider line. Dong told me that Kenneth had walked into a pole today… LOL!


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