October 10, 2008

SO Awesomeful

Posted in Step In My Shoes at 9:05 pm by alyssajb

I can’t really remember what I did yesterday. So I won’t post Thursday’s moments on Fridays. Even if its really important, I know I won’t be able to remember. Anyways, today was absolutely perfect. Last night, Dong left me ALONE on IM. He said I typed that I had to go, but I never typed that. Anyways, he gave me gum. And a dollar, like usual. Yesterday I gave him a small hug and we brought our cheesecake home from chorus. Today, Dong gave my TWO pieces of gum! I confronted him about leaving me on IM in first. Then in sixth, we talked more. OH YEAH! In fifth period yesterday, this girl (I forgot her name) asked me to sing Unfaithful to Daquan. Well, not just me. Me, Madison, and Taylor B. I took a solo in the second verse because they didn’t know it. I got so many compliments. And then in sixth yesterday, I was singing Unfaithful (again) really quiet, then I looked up and people were staring at me as if I’ve just flown around the room. I was like, “did you hear that?” and they all nodded and said LOUDLY, “YES!” I was like, oh snap…. I was SO embarrassed! But people liked my singing anyway. Today after the bell rang, Dong walked with me and he asked me, “can I have a hug?” I thought he was crazy. “People are going to know if they see us!” and he’s like, “right…” then after he walks away, Renee whispered to me, “are you going out with him?” My eyes widened as if she told me she was going to kill me. “HOW DID YOU FIND OUT?!?!?” I asked. “Deiondre told me.” OMFG HE TOLD DEIONDRE? UGH HE BETTER NOT TELL ANYONE! I will KILL him Monday! In third, he was bugging me because Mr. Yoder asked him to re-enact a shampoo commercial (don’t ask, long story) and he didn’t have any hair. Well, he did, but it was too short. I said, “YOU DON’T HAVE HAIR!” and he said, “and you don’t have a personality…” I was about to KILL him! But I didn’t take it that much. I had another vision where I said “you don’t have any self-control” and he would say, “you don’t have any talent” and I would be, “oh yeah?” and get up and sing Fences by Paramore, which was stuck in my head for an hour. KENNETH TOLD ALEX ABOUT THIS SITE! HE DOES NOT FREAKING UNDERSTAND THAT ANYONE WHO IS NOT A CLOSE FRIEND IS NOT SUPPOSED TO SEE THIS! Unless you don’t know me and you’re just a visitor, of course. I’m yelling at him right now. We had Notes Alive camp from the end of school (4:15) to 8:15. We had pizza and brownies, and I texted Kenneth what we were eating and he said I was torturing him. Heidi, Me, Kendra, and both Madisons called the Jonas Brothers Fan Hotline and left a message with a parody of Burnin’ Up saying, “We’re hot; So Is Joe; You can bake cookies on his toe!; You’re hot!; And we’re not!; We’re so glad that you; Broke up with Taylor Swift!” It was FUNNY! Then I played Burnin Up on the piano while Heidi sang our version LOL. I can’t describe the whole camp, because it was four hours and there were lots of details. I have to watch Gerard and Brandon’s webcast now…. BYE!

P.S. That reminds me… I got TWO hugs from Kaiden instead of ONE! And he wore my sunglasses. He asked me, “Do I look pimp? Or gay?” LOLZ! Tori was taking attendance and when she said my name Kaiden called me, “Filipino Girl” haha.


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