October 10, 2008

A Light Has Opened Up In My Life

Posted in Step In My Shoes at 11:08 pm by alyssajb

I could NOT be any happier!

Dong: r u here
Alyssa: yeah
Dong: i just got home
Alyssa: i can tell
Dong: it was boring
Alyssa: lol haha jk
Dong: the food was nasty
Alyssa: LOL!
Alyssa: sorry but what you said was funny
Dong: i know
Dong: i had salmon
Alyssa: i told kenneth that and he said i was torturing him
Alyssa: wtf salmon is good
Dong: lol
Dong: no they put too much butter
Alyssa: i’m not kidding i eat salmon all the time its good
Alyssa: ohhh i see
Dong: no its get boring
Alyssa: lol what did you do?
Dong: watch the rays game
Alyssa: wow
Dong: i know
Dong: i was boring too
Dong: there were fights
Dong: t
Alyssa: wow…
Dong: i was about to give you something but u left me
Alyssa: ?
Alyssa: give me what?
Dong: oragami
Alyssa: oh….
Alyssa: i was going to give something to you too but i forgot
Dong: i was bore so i made it
Alyssa: oh and one more thing…
Alyssa: YOU TOLD DEIONDRE?!?!?!?!?
Dong: he are ready knew
Alyssa: HOW?!?!?
Dong: al
Dong: the bet thing
Alyssa: oh
Alyssa: well he better not tell anyone
Dong: he wont
Alyssa: he told renee but i don’t really care cuz renee’s my friend
Dong: he knows what is going to happen
Alyssa: what do you mean by that?
Dong: the breakup thing
Alyssa: WHAT?
Dong: u goona breakup with
Alyssa: ?
Dong: me
Dong: gonna
Alyssa: of course not
Dong: really
Alyssa: yes
Dong: ok
Alyssa: you are the best boyfriend i’ve ever had really my last one was annoying and he still acts like we’re going out
Dong: wow
Alyssa: yeah…
Alyssa: he’s lucky that me and him are still friends
Dong: u say i was good luck
Alyssa: you are
Dong: awwwwww!!!!!!!!!
Alyssa: ^_^
Alyssa: i was just thinking about something
Dong: what???
Alyssa: we need a song
Dong: i know
Alyssa: hmm…
Dong: how about whatever u like
Dong: have u heard that song
Alyssa: i think
Alyssa: send me a youtube link
Dong: youtube.com
Alyssa: omg i mean a link to the song FROM youtube
Dong: i fogot how to do that
Alyssa: go to youtube.com
Dong: ok
Alyssa: then search the song
Dong: ok
Alyssa: then click on the vid
Dong: where is that
Alyssa: any video
Dong: ok
Alyssa: then copy the link
Dong: i cant do it .it wont let me do it
Alyssa: ok who’s the song by?
Dong: T.I.
Alyssa: ok hold on
Alyssa: oh THAT song
Dong: yeah
Alyssa: sorry i’m being picky but it can’t be a rap song…. i’m thinking
Dong: ok
Dong: i m use to what the girl say
Alyssa: lol
Dong: how about you are the music in me
Alyssa: are you sure? cuz thats…. hsm. i know i like hsm but…. you?
Dong: used to
Dong: i surprise myself
Dong: lol
Alyssa: you surprise me too
Dong: i know
Dong: i heard all of the hsm song
Alyssa: hold on i gotta ask kenneth something real quick… but i think his sister kicked him off the computer OH let me text him
Alyssa: ok, now that’s a scary thought…
Dong: haha lol
Dong: i have a sister
Alyssa: oh, ok now i get it
Dong: vietnamese people like the music
Alyssa Ballesteros: hehe lol
Dong: so i had to listen to it
Alyssa: filipinos are the kind of people that have an obsession for britney spears lol
Dong: it kind of good
Alyssa: and i’m not kidding
Dong: no
Alyssa: i’m serious people from the philippines are like in love with britney spears
Alyssa: its kinda scary
Alyssa: but her songs are good
Dong: wow!!
Dong: i use to listen to her song
Alyssa: you are REALLY scaring me now
Dong: used but no more
Dong: u gave u some of my serect
Dong: ii
Alyssa: ok… cuz that’s a scary thought… wait no it isn’t my cousin’s friend’s brother loves britney spears lol
Dong: not u
Alyssa: let me send you a vid of one of his vids
Dong: ok
Alyssa: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dvMTZaMCqCU
Alyssa: its funny and they’re filipino too! haha
Dong: wow
Dong: that is scary
Alyssa: isn’t the guy just funny
Dong: lol
Alyssa: especially his dancing
Alyssa: lol
Dong: he ugly
Dong: i had a dream with u in it
Alyssa: aww….
Alyssa: god i sound like brittany
Dong: lol
Dong: what does it mean that u r close to the bronze ring
Alyssa: ?
Alyssa: and you are the music in me is a good song
Dong: so is that our song
Dong: i miss u
Alyssa: yeah
Alyssa: and i need to ask you a very important question…
Dong: ok
Dong: what
Alyssa: do you love me?
Dong: yeah
Alyssa: awwwwwww i love you too
Alyssa: its took my other boyfriends two weeks to say that to me
Dong: awwwwww!!!!!!
Dong: wow
Alyssa: yep
Dong: he is sorry
Alyssa: who’s sorry?
Dong: it took me 3 days
Dong: your ex
Alyssa: oh
Alyssa: yeah it did take you three days
Alyssa: i think you’re finally the perfect guy
Dong: i just guess
Dong: awwww!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alyssa: ^_^
Dong: lol
Alyssa: i’m falling asleep gonna go to bed
Dong: ok

Alyssa: bye luv you
Dong: i luv u too


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