October 8, 2008

“Life Has Loveliness”- Sara Teasdale

Posted in Step In My Shoes at 8:20 pm by alyssajb

Since I started dating Dong, I’ve been getting SO much good luck! In first, I asked him if his parents knew about us going out. His parents don’t let him but he does it anyway (ME TOO!) Then, in lunch, I gave Kaiden a hug! At the end of fourth, Mrs. Nesmith asked me to play Unfaithful on the piano and everyone else sings it when we go on tour! Then in fifth, Coach Martin wasn’t teaching us today! We had a free day in the basketball courts. I bonded with Dong some more. When it was time to go, Heidi and I attacked Dong with basketballs. ^_^ We got locked out so I tried to pick the lock but it didn’t work. We waited in the agonizing heat (sound familiar?) for 10 minutes until someone FINALLY opened the door! Then at the car rider line, me and Dong stood next to each other and talked. Kenneth was really weird again and started laughing for NO PARTICULAR REASON! Now, I’m talking to Dong and he asked for a hug. ^_^ OMFG I LOVE THIS BOY! And he’s really romantic he said he was shy to ask me for a hug in public and he said his heart was running! We’re both singers, he told me he used to go to an after school program for it. Well, I better get back to him!


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