October 6, 2008

Just Keeps Getting Better!

Posted in Step In My Shoes at 5:59 pm by alyssajb

I had the BEST day ever! Well, not the best day ever, but it was a GREAT day! In first, we played another integers game, which was really confusing. In third, me and Zylkia made up! Over text. I told her that I shouldn’t of gotten mad. I shouldn’t of, really. I knew she was joking. I didn’t know that at first =P. So anyways, at lunch, we were in line and Kaiden was in front of me! Then when I went back to my seat, I saw Kenneth. He got a haircut. He texted me this morning that his parents made him cut off all his hair. I thought he would look… horrible. And he told me not to laugh, then I texted back, Don’t count on it. His haircut wasn’t so bad, it was just like it was in 5th grade. He didn’t think so. Then Abby told me she had a perfect view of Kaiden, so I’m eating my cookie and I start choking! LOLZ! I could breathe, it was just stuck in my throat lol. I thought it was funny, but Emily didn’t. Aww, she’s no fun. Then in fourth, we tried on one of our dresses today. Blue, is my color. I looked so AWESOME in it! Then in fifth, we had to play softball again. I was pretty good today. But I twisted my ankle (again) because I ran too fast. I heard one of the guys say I wasn’t a bad runner. If my ankle never did that and I didn’t have asthma, I would be on the track team. In sixth, we had to play a PotterBucks game today. There were physical and mental challenges. Dong was on our team, and he kept on bringing up the dating subject. He said he would talk to me at the car rider line. Anyways, Abby said she didn’t have a pencil so she took Dong’s. Dong blinked his eyes as if he didn’t know what just happened, then took Abby’s notebook. Then Abby dropped the pencil in front of him then Dong threw Abby’s notebook at her and I snatched the pencil. LOLZ! He was all like, “you guys are mean!” When Mrs. Potter said, “who’s going to be doing the first mental challenge?” The second she said that, we all pointed at Dong, and he turned around and he was like, “WHY ME?!?!?” then we pushed him. LOL. The challenge was to draw an accurate picture of a llama. ???? I know, me too. He drew a camel… then he changed it at like the last second. We were in 2nd place. He was like, “awesome” (he always says that) when Mrs. Potter announced that we won 2nd. Then was the physical challenge. Contestants had to balance a paper plate on their finger. We made Jasmine do it. Deiondre was BAD. The first second, it fell then he walked past Jasmine and BLEW IT! OMFG CHEATER! AND MRS. POTTER SAW IT AND DIDN’T DO ANYTHING! Tori got first place. Then was another mental challenge, a math problem. I went. I won. The second Mrs. Potter told us “GO!” I was nearly done. People behind me were like, “DANG!” and “OMG SHE’S ALREADY HALF WAY DONE!” I felt special. ^_^ I was BORN for math, it’s EASY! Then I walked back to my seat with my head held high. The last physical challenge was almost darts but with paper balls and Mrs. Potter had to mark where you hit it. Du got a bulls-eye. Abby was way off. Kaiden was off. Tessa was off. Round two: Du was off. Abby stopped aiming after her first shot. Kaiden was WAY off! He hit the very top of the wall! EVERYONE WAS CRACKING UP! Tessa was at the same area as Du. Du won. I asked Kaiden, “how could you throw it all the way up there?!?!?” and he shrugged with a smile on his face. Then Abby’s like, “good job Kaiden!” and Kaiden put a thumbs up. LOLZ! That was it. Kaiden gave me a hug in the hallway. HE’S MY NEW TEDDY BEAR! Then at the car rider line, Dong asked me out. I said yes. That was the highlight for today, and he was the same height as me. If someone’s shorter than me, that’s hard. We plan to keep it secret because we don’t want to be that much of big news. Alondra and Yasmin are the only ones that know and don’t plan on telling anyone. People keep asking me if Dong’s my brother…. its not weird, we’re both Asian so I don’t blame them. He and Kenneth raced and Kenneth almost got run over… like 10% funny and 90% scary. If I lost him, I would be crushed. He’s like my brother and my best friend! No one wants their best friend to get run over, right? Anyways, Kenneth looked at me like I was stupid when I told him about my cookie incident. LOLZ! I was going to give Dong a hug, but there were “witnesses”. And that would be… bad. Kenneth raced Dong again and this time he almost ran into a car. It wasn’t moving, he almost slammed into the door. Now THAT would’ve been funny! I loved today.


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  1. Brittany said,

    okay, congrads but I’m still shocked..and u need to change it to the other 2 girls and meh….since u did tell me online about Ge…I mean Dong….I can’t believe I had forgotton his name…could u try and get him to stop calling me a Gerd? It gets annoying…c u at skool 2mro byez

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