October 4, 2008

(Thursday) Back The Heck Off!

Posted in Step In My Shoes at 3:51 pm by alyssajb

I got SO mad Thursday! But I should start from the beginning. In 1st we had to play this Integers card game, which after all, wasn’t that bad. Then in lunch, thats where it started. Renee was telling Zylkia about her and Abby’s plan to talk to Kaiden for me, then Zylkia and Amanda start making up perverted stuff and actually TOLD Kaiden! I got so mad! Zylkia wasn’t even listening when I told her that I was being serious! Amanda backed down a little, and I started just ignoring them. Then I gave Zylkia a little scratch that you couldn’t even SEE and she tried to start a freaking fight! Zylkia is really jerky once you get to know her. Then I started crying a little because she wouldn’t stop and I heard her say, “I made my point, I made her cry. Big deal, I’ll leave her alone”. Renee and Abby took my side, and probably aren’t Zylkia’s friend anymore. Like 80% of me hates her and the other 20% still wants to be her friend. Even Amanda tried to talk Zylkia into changing her attitude. I don’t know what it is that gets her friends, because Taylor, Angelica, Alexys, and other people are still her friend, even after they heard what she did. Well, I don’t care anymore. In 4th, we had a free day. I sat next to Renee, and I was talking to her about Zylkia, so I kept saying her name. Zylkia goes, “what, what, what, what?” and I’m like, “I wasn’t calling you.” and then she said, “well, then keep my name out of your f****** mouth.” I can’t believe she would say that! In 5th, we played Ultimate Frisbee, which was pretty fun. I forgot to take my inhaler. =P So I was pretty bad. Then in 6th, Kaiden kept on staring at me (again). It wasn’t that exciting as usual. For extended homeroom, we went to watch this presentation on car insurance. Its for this whole economy roleplay our team is going. Kaiden had to go up and read and pretend to be an agent XD. Me, Renee, and Abby were like, “GO KIRBY!” Then at the end, Kaiden was giving hugs to dozens of people, which made me crave one. Then he turned to me and I just waved, then he gave me a hug! And it was pretty long, too. The only problem was I could only use one hand. I had my binder in the other. >_< Then Renee was like, “Alyssa, we need to talk!” and Abby was smiling at me. Outside, Renee was glaring at me because she didn’t get a hug yet. Kaiden went to band after school and Renee was yelling after him, “KAIDEN! WAIT! I LOVE YOU!” Imagine if he heard her! OMFG! FUN-NY! At the car rider line, Yasmin told me that she used to go out with him. She said he gave great hugs, which I of course agreed with. One day while they were on the phone (which by the way, is his house phone. He doesn’t have a cell phone and Kia gave me his number.) Kaiden asked her, “do you like to be held?” then Yasmin said, “yeah why?” then Kaiden said “then I’ll hold you when it’s cold.” I hated her so much at that moment. Then they slow danced at one of the school dances and Kaiden said, “I have abs” then Yasmin goes, “oh, really?” then Kaiden goes, “yeah, feel!” I HATED HER! SHE FELT HIS ABS! >_< AUGH!!!!!!!!!!!! Kaiden doesn’t talk to Yasmin anymore because he thinks she’s a stalker. That pretty much wraps up Thursday. You know what’s kinda odd, I didn’t tell Kenneth about the whole Zylkia situation yet. I’ll tell him later.


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