October 4, 2008

(Friday) Frozen In Shock

Posted in Step In My Shoes at 4:12 pm by alyssajb

Yesterday was FREAKY! In 1st, we finished the integers game. In 3rd, Zylkia still ignored me, and surprisingly didn’t have any reaction to when me, Abby, or Renee were near her. She seemed so relaxed, as if that day never happened. She hasn’t said one word to any of us. At lunch, Kaiden was right in front of me in the lunch line then LEFT! =O OMG! Then Renee said, “has Zylkia talked to you guys yet?” We nodded no. Then I said, “It’s probably because she thinks you’re on my side.” Then Abby just blurts out, “because we ARE on your side!” Well, that was true. But anyways, in 4th Mrs. Nesmith was back. We had to turn in our field trip money. In 5th, we played softball again and of course, I sucked. But while we were in the outfield, Dong would constantly walk up to me and start talking! People say we look alike. He said, “if I was her brother, I would be lying dead on the floor right now.” I attacked him. Then he tells me about a bet he made with his friend that he could get a girlfriend faster than friend. And for TWO DOLLARS! ???? Dong was going to pity date a girl. In my head, I was thinking, where are you going with this??? He was SO close to asking me out until I said, “don’t look at me”. I kept on telling people how stupid he was. Then he ended up winning with Tessa. He was stupid, because you don’t tell the girl you plan on asking out the bet! Kaiden and I walked to the back counter at the same time and I poked him in the back, then I gave him a hug. This time it was long with BOTH hands! YAY! Unfortunately, Renee and Abby didn’t see this one. Abby went over to ask him what I told her, and he said no. But he either just said it because he thinks Abby will tell me the answer, or he said no because he’s already going out with someone, which is true. He is going out with someone already. I missed that hug. But he doesn’t mind giving hugs to people. He’s a hugger lol. I told my friends in the car rider line, then Dong comes up to me and brings up the bet again. We talk for a while and then this is where it gets scary. I tell him, “you pity date me anyway”. And he says, brace yourself, “no I wouldn’t.” He wouldn’t wanna pity date me! He admitted he likes me! Not in those words, but he wants to go out with me! I just stared at him in shock, eyes wide open. Kenneth, behind him had listened to the whole thing and was in the same state as me. Standing frozen, eyes wide open, but MOUTH hanging open at the fact of what Dong just said. I backed away. I would’ve gone out with him if he didn’t tell me about the bet. He screwed up BAD. Then I had to leave and I told him, “you know, I would’ve said yes if you’d just tell me in the first place and not throw in that stupid bet.” I walked away, then my mom had to drive up so I walked the other way, and I said, “and I’m not lying either.” Dong yelled out, “really?!?!?” He seemed desperate. I had another vision in my head where Dong stares at me leaving, then Kenneth says to him, “Dude. You messed up BAD. I would’ve talked to her for you if you told me.” Then Dong says, “Well I- you see- UGH! I DID MESS UP!” after I left, I sent a text to Kenneth telling him to show the next messages to Dong: Yeah i kinda liked you because you were nice to me then i suspected something after you started being mean to me if you had just asked me out instead of telling me about that stupid bet i would of said yes and im not lying i don’t lie now that youre pity dating tessa i guess youre out of chances BUT you can make up for it. Kenneth couldn’t show him because Dong had left after Kenneth got the messages. I told him to show the messages on Monday. And yes, I did like Dong a bit. We’re Asian, we both have black hair, yeah. If we ever did go out, NO ONE could know. Its hard to keep dating a secret. Me and Brandon’s secret got out on our first day going public. But Amanda was there to witness it.

The page should be up today, including another page.


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