October 1, 2008

Listening Obviously Does Not Apply

Posted in Step In My Shoes at 8:02 pm by alyssajb

Today was normal. Boring. In third, Zylkia was writing a rather perverted note that was made to look like I made it. You don’t wanna know what it said. Then Mr. Yoder made Zylkia throw it away. She said she just made the note to mess with me. She was “planning” on giving it to Kaiden. But thats it for third. Then in fourth, Mrs. Nesmith was out and we had a sub. She couldn’t speak English well but when she did, you couldn’t understand because of her accent. So a few girls had to be the subs. Coach Martin was back in fifth. Ugh. We played softball, and amazingly I sucked. I hit it, but always got out. I don’t understand, my grandma played softball in high school. Oh well. Sixth is always the “interesting” period. Kaiden kept staring at me (again) and Renee and Abby planned to ask him if he liked me or not. They forgot to ask him at the beginning of class. Then while we were working, Kaiden kept doing FUNNY stuff and we were all laughing so hard! So when the bell rang, Renee and Abby rushed up to him but Kaiden couldn’t hear because he was talking to someone. Then when he finally noticed them, some guy kicked him in his “area” so he was walking crouched down. He didn’t want to think so he said “no” to every freaking question he was asked. At the car rider line, Johnny talked to me again. And Emanuel creeped up behind me and freaking SCARED me! I thought he was a girl because he said my name in a high-pitched voice. At the bus stop this morning, I remembered it was my cousin’s birthday, so I texted him, “Happy Birthday!!!!”. Then he texted me back, “thanks, shortstuff”. Then I texted back, “JUST BECAUSE I’M SHORTER THAN YOU DOESN’T ME YOU CAN CALL ME SHORTSTUFF!”. Then he texted, “yes i can”. HE’S SO MEAN! Then I had dance today. I managed some time. It was hard, considering I had a bad leg cramp at 4:30 this morning. Then I have to learn part of a dance, some of it I have down. That pretty much wraps up today. Oh, I just remembered, my school had a basketball game today. I don’t know who won or lost, but I’ll post it when I find out.


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