September 30, 2008


Posted in Step In My Shoes at 5:09 pm by alyssajb

Kaiden came back today! YAYZ! And I looked even BETTER than I did yesterday! In second period, Laila was absent this time. It wasn’t the same. At lunch, I saw Kaiden and Zylkia was being such an idiot! She went up to Kaiden and said, “Kaiden, did you like the note?” and Kaiden just bobbed his head like five times. Then Zylkia whispers, “he also said he wanted to *bang bang* you” I was like WTF but she was lying. She also said that Kaiden framed the note and its on his wall, which was also a lie. In fourth we had chorus and I made friends with the Notes Alive girls. They’re nice once you actually get to know them. P.E. was SO fun! Coach Martin was out again so we stayed inside and played dodgeball. Girls against girls and boys against boys. We played four rounds, and we lost twice and won twice. I kept nailing people from behind because they were just standing around talking and I hit Brittany, a Notes Alive girl. Not the other one. Then Emily hit me! OH MY A-GAWD! Anyways, we were talking to Suzie and stuff and then we saw Kyle, a guy from last year but moved. He got so freaking chubby and all his brown curls were gone! He was nearly BALD now. In sixth, things changed since Kaiden read the note. I mean, he still talks to me but his seat got moved all the way across the room. And this time, Tessa’s backed off a little. She doesn’t try to show him off as much. Kaiden hasn’t called me Filipino Girl ONCE today. See? Changes. Then we had to freaking work with Spaz Cracker Nate. He finally got the message that no one liked him and started working on his own, which he got in trouble for. Good. I ran into Kaiden in the hall in third and said, “Hi, Kaiden”. In my mind I was saying it all lovey-dovey but I was smart enough not to actually say it like that. “Hey” was the only thing he said to me today. I was going to go flirt with him at the check-in check-out desk in sixth after I finished my work, but I had so MUCH work I didn’t get a chance. Maybe tomorrow. Kaiden still stares at me and stuff, but he hasn’t been talking much. Other than that everything’s boring.


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