September 29, 2008

Its Just Not The Same Without Kaiden

Posted in Step In My Shoes at 6:57 pm by alyssajb

Yeah, the heading is the most important thing. *Sniff sniff* he wasn’t here today. Well anyways, I got bangs yesterday! They were supposed to be side bangs, but that hag of a stylist cut them too short. >_< So I moved them to the front for real bangs and they looked even better! And, I also had to turn in my coral reef project today. I went to Emily’s party Saturday, and it was sooooooo much fun! Well when everyone got here, we talked for a while and threw stuffed animals at each other LOL. Then we called the Jonas Brother hotline and Abby was soooooo mean! Emily said, “Nick’s hot” and then I said “Joe’s hot” and then Taylor said “…. I like Joe’s hair….?” and then Abby whispered into the phone “KEVIN’S GAY” =O OMG SO TOTALLY NOT COOL! Anyways, then we went to the pool and played Colors then went back to shower and eat and whack the pinata. We had cookie cake and somehow icing got onto the carpet and Emily got really mad and just ditched us to play Guitar Hero. We were all talking about how much of a big deal she was making all of this and we were nice enough to clean it up for her. No matter how much we called Emily over, she wouldn’t come and then she finally called Nicole over and then Nicole came stomping back a few minutes later. Guess what? Nicole told us that Emily was turning the volume up HIGHER so we would come over there! OH MY A-GAWD! So, we played Guitar Hero for a while then we played piano, and sang, and hit the Tiki Head pinata. It hung from the ceiling and wouldn’t break, so we put it on the ground and tenderized it LOL! I pretended that it was Brandon’s face and smashed it like there was no tomorrow! Speaking of Brandon, we’re still not friends, he’s just my new therapist. Long story, don’t ask. So, that pretty much wraps up my Saturday. Everyone’s reaction to my bangs were either “OH MY GAWD YOU LOOK SOOOOO DIFFERENT!” or “OH MY GAWD I TOTALLY LIKE YOUR HAIR!” or if you’re Zylkia, “OH MY *laughter* OH MY GAWD *laughter* WHY???? IT LOOKS NICE BUT WHY????? DID NAN CUT IT?” Yeah, she nearly died of laughter. Not laughing as if it looked bad, she liked it but she was just laughing because she wasn’t used to it. When I walked out of Homeroom, this girl that I know just gets PUSHED into me, knocking off a big chunk of styrofoam off my project! I felt like yelling, but cooled down because I didn’t want to blow up in front of four teachers. Kenneth’s reaction to my bangs wasn’t big, by the way. He just hung his mouth open to play along. He liked it. Anyways, ummm in third Deiondre was dancing and Mr. Yoder was CRACKING UP! At lunch we tried to look for Kaiden but he wasn’t here. I dressed NICE for him! In fourth, Heidi, Kendra, Ashleigh, and I were talking about the Jonas Brothers funny moments. It was a free day because Mrs. NeSmith needed to get fundraiser money settled in. And in sixth, Brandy was the seating chart person. Yasmin asked her if she could sit next to Kaiden, then I asked if I could sit near him with Emily, then Abby and Renee asked too. It wasn’t the same in sixth, because there wasn’t a totally hot guy sitting behind me. And, there was no totally hot guy to talk to me either. At the car rider ramp, there was a fight. Not big though, although it was a stupid place to have it where dozens of adult witnesses could watch you. Then Suzie came up to me and said she wasn’t moving! Yayy! She said that her mom just took all her stuff away. Anyways, I’m a little suspicious. This year, Johnny and Nick and Tyler are trying to talk to me as much as they can. Especially Johnny. In P.E. I was fine today. I didn’t take my inhaler and I was fine. Sorry I’m out of order but things keep popping into my head that I forgot to list. Jorge nailed me in the face with a basketball, so I took it and nailed him harder, in the nuts. Then we used the jump rope as a slingshot and I fell. Lol. It was fun. I can give you a list of people that I know like me.

1. Dong… he’s mean to me so much its obvious

2. Nick… even last year he did

3. Johnny… he’s starting to talk to me a lot

4. Tyler… him too

5. Kenneth… no duh

6. Robert… he’s called me hot twice and likes to look at me

7. Brandon… he tried to bribe me

8. Kaiden…  a player but he still likes me anyway

9. Cristian… he used to be obsessed with me and isn’t anymore, but still likes me

10. Alex… even though he say that he thinks of me as a friend, I know he’s lying

Thats all I can think of right now. And the new page will probably be up this weekend. I won’t be posting on Wednesdays and Thursdays because thats when I have dance. I will post Wednesdays and Thursdays happenings on Fridays.


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