September 26, 2008


Posted in Step In My Shoes at 10:00 pm by alyssajb

Today was SO bad!!! Well, sixth period that is. In first, Kaiden came over to Mrs. Creature’s because Mr. Yoder’s class got split up. He was in ours. Renee and I planned to drop the note from yesterday ummm…. nevermind I’ll spoil it. Anyways, it was REALLY cold in her room and I looked around for someone with a jacket and saw Kaiden. If I asked to borrow his jacket, I might make it too obvious. So I just said, “OMG I’m SO cold!!!” when he came near. Well, he didn’t get the message. ūüėõ In third period I was in Ms. Worden’s for split-up. And guess who was in that class! Kaiden! I wish I had Nicole’s seat… she was sitting RIGHT behind Kaiden! TT.TT We didn’t talk much considering we were on the other side of the room and… yeah. At lunch, I thought we might be able to sit at Mrs. Worden’s table. Guess what? No room. RAWR! But we left too early and I said three words to him– “should we go?” He just shrugged. Wow, what an ENGAGING conversation? In sixth, me and Renee planned to make a note that talked about Kaiden. We wrote something about him and passed it back to each other. We planned to drop it near his desk in sixth so he would read it and actually get the message. Well guess what? Renee was kidding and she told me that AFTER Kaiden picked it up. SHE SHOULD’VE TOLD ME THAT! I tried to snatch it out of his hands but he already started reading by that time. I rushed to my seat, embarrassed along with Renee, and hid my head. I heard him say, “I’m definitely keeping this.” AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think we– I— pushed it WAY too far. Renee kept on bringing up the subject and saying how stupid I was for actually following the plan. I felt good at first, but as each minute passed, regret kept on piling up on me. I was TOTALLY avoiding him!!! Then Eduardo asked, “which one of you thinks Kaiden is hot?” then Emily said, “these two right here” pointing to me and Renee. OMG I WAS TOTALLY ABOUT TO SLAP HER! But instead I stabbed her with my pencil, which she really deserved. Speaking of Emily, Kaiden didn’t pick up the note at first so Emily pointed to it which made it TOTALLY obvious! YOU KNOW WHO’S STUPID? SHE IS! OMG I SOOOOOO HATED HER RIGHT THEN! AND I STILL¬†DO RIGHT NOW! Going back to Emily’s squealing, I added, “Abby too!”¬†Which technically was true, even though she¬†didn’t participate in the note-passing.¬†When the bell rang, I tried to walk as FAST as I could trying to avoid Kaiden. Went well, then I found a mob of¬†crying girls- mostly my friends- crowding around an upset and tearful Suzie. I raced over and asked what happened. Turns out she’s moving! ONOZ! She said¬†that she’s being sent to California. I also heard that she’s being sent there because something bad happened and she was blamed for it and she¬†didn’t do it. That is freaking WRONG! You can’t automatically blame someone without actually knowing! GEEZ! People are so CRUEL these days! Then at¬†the car rider line, I told Zylkia and Brittany EVERYTHING! Zylkia was laughing so hard and Renee was going on and on saying how stupid I was, again.¬†Then Kenneth came over and tried to flick me in the head but Brittany caught him. Zylkia thought he was gay, which was REALLY funny even though it wasn’t true. Then Robert came over and asked me, “why are you so dressed-up?” Dressed up? Does a two-in-one, miniskirt, leggings, and flip flops count as dressed up?¬†Well, Robert likes me so I guess he thought I looked hot. Again. Then Kenneth asked me about his evil dog again and told him I’m¬†not in the mood, and¬†I heard Robert mumble, “probably because you won’t go out with her.” Oh ma a-gawd I was TOTALLY going to kill him! I ran over to him and beat the crap out of him with my binder.¬†Kenneth still didn’t talk to me much… I didn’t do anything, did I? I hope not.¬†But still, I hated this¬†day! I had a¬†vision in my head about what might happen if Kaiden actually did talk to me after I ran out of the room. I would tell you but the note had this website written on it…. and I would be embarrassed if he saw it… but I’ll tell you anyway. OH and¬†speaking of the note, Kaiden was SHOWING it to other people!¬†=O SO not right! Anyways, about the vision… I always¬†get these about a guy I liked. Its kinda like movie drama/romance-ish. Well I walk out of the room, walking as fast as I can when Kaiden catches up to me and grabs my arm. I struggle to break loose but Kaiden makes me turn my head and stand still and listen to what he had to say. I didn’t actually think of what he might say, considering I was too lost in his eyes. OMG I sound like Heidi! Anyways,¬†talk, talk, talk, then eventually he lifts my chin up and kisses me. Psh, like that will ever happen. I bet you I won’t get my first kiss until like¬†10th grade. If we ever went out I would have to hide¬†it from my parents again. They won’t let me date until like 18. Yeah. I do it anyway.¬†Did you know Kaiden is one of the very few guy-friends I have that are taller than me? I’m just too tall…. or the world is too short…

P.S. I’m making a new page later on in the week¬†called “All About my Friends”!


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