September 25, 2008

Fights and Bonding

Posted in Step In My Shoes at 6:22 pm by alyssajb

Yesterday me and Brandon had the BIGGEST fight ever. Go to to see the whole thing. Anyways, I wore black today because of the fight. I will wear black the day after a fight with a friend or a break-up. I totally looked awesome though. I put my hair in two half ponytails on each side. I wore my “You Break It You Buy It” shirt and since it was pink and black, I wore pink and black jeans, pink and black shoes, and I found my pink camoflage armwarmers. It matched my pink camoflage belt and they didn’t even come together! In first period, I had to go back to the nurse, this time to pick up my inhaler. Renee told me just after I came in, Mrs. Kreicher (Creature) just got done yelling at Sydney. She was standing up at my friend Diana (A.K.A. Ruby)’s desk and Mrs. Kreicher said, “Why are you on the floor?” Sydney wasn’t on the floor, she was standing. Sydney looked at her like she was stupid and said, “What?” And then Mrs. Kreicher was like, “THE THING YOU’RE STANDING (big breath like she’s having an asthma attack) ON!!!!!!!!” ??????? Waaaaayyyy cheesy. We mocked her for the rest of the day. We took a breath after EVERY word! Quotation means a breath. We were like, THE ” THING ” YOU’RE “STANDING””ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was HILARIOUS! In second I continued to write “I love Kaiden” on the desk. In third we had a substitute and a MEAN ONE at that. Her name was Mrs. Yntema. Echhh. She didn’t yell though because we had a test to take. But we have her again tomorrow. TT.TT  In fourth we auditioned for the solo for “I’m Not That Girl”. I liked the voices of four people: Angelica (of course), a girl named Rebecca, a girl named Brianna, and a girl named Sienna. Out of the five of us, and by five I mean me, Angelica, Rebecca, Brianna, and Sienna, I was the loudest. Although I sounded terrible on the first high note and cracked at the second one because I had a stupid tickly in my throat and had to cough. My phone kept going off because I set an alarm to remind me to take my inhaler and it wouldn’t shut off. I’m lucky everyone was talking and the music was playing loud so Mrs. NeSmith couldn’t hear it. Phew! In fifth we didn’t have to dress out because we had to take ANOTHER test. It was easy because Coach Martin went over the answers yesterday. ^_^ In sixth people brought in food in addition to their culture fair project from yesterday. I had banana pudding, which was WAAAAY too sweet, and a tortilla with peanut butter. It was YUM-MY! Me and Renee were writing notes back and forth about Kaiden and Kaiden kept trying to peek. Which was technically a good thing so that he would know I liked him and finally get some nerve. Renee says that we look good together, mostly because he’s taller than me this time. Speaking of Kaiden, he finally remembered what my name was…. although he still calls me Filipino Girl. I don’t mind, considering the fact that it’s true. He spotted my armwarmer and tried it on but it didn’t fit. He couldn’t get his thumb through the hole. When I tried to talk to him after the bell, Tessa just dragged him along and said, “you don’t have anyone to talk to. Now come on.” Snobby much! Sometimes I just want to slap her. She’s my friend and all, but sometimes she acts like those snobby cheerleaders in the movies or in books and stuff. Renee and I made up a song about Kaiden. It goes to one of the songs from “Finding Nemo”. I can’t remember the lyrics, but it’s the theme song to our “I LOVE KAIDEN” club. Three members AND WHAT! Me, Renee, and my friend Yasmin. Me and Kaiden talked more this week than any other week. I brought a picture to school with me and my friend Chris in first grade. It was the last day of school and also my birthday party. Chris had glasses back then and preppy style. Now he wears contacts and still is preppy. He had a lollipop in the picture and when me andd my friends tried to compare them at the bus stop, the present-day Chris had a lollipop in his mouth too, just like the picture! =O Freaky mann! Anyways, I hit Kenneth in the head while he was getting water. He’s been dressing kinda nice this week. Shirt underneath and button down on top? Nice! I really liked what he was wearing today. Speaking of Kenneth’s clothing, what he wore last Friday he wore Monday…. kinda weird…. I acted all depressed because that fight with Brandon kinda bummed me out. I made up the suicide thing to scare Brandon and make him feel guilty. Anyways, I was acting all depressed and NO ONE NOTICED! Not even Kenneth! He just walked by and made me mad by saying, “here comes Slinky!”. I just shrugged, a sign that I’m not feeling that great today. Sometimes there is just nothing in his brain. My emotions did not apply to him today. One thing that’s definitely in his mind is paranoia. Everytime I’m near him he would flinch as if I was going to flick him! Kinda true, but I stopped doing that. It’s getting kinda old. I got lectured today by my stupid parents about what time I went to bed last night. 11:00. Yep. I was watching TV because that makes me tired. I wasn’t tired at all before that so I tried to tire myself out. Ugh, do I hate my life. Emily got mad at me because she wasn’t my number one best friend. Well, she is mean sometimes. She hits me a lot and sometimes that leaves a mark. She throws my stuff on the ground sometimes. My best friend is Kenneth and everyone should know that. You can even go up to him and say, “Kenneth, who’s your best friend?” And I bet you he would say me. He’s a great guy. But there’s something wrong with me. Everytime a good time comes to hug him, I would say, “you better not hit me!” instead of giving him a hug. I need to see a therapist or something.


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