September 24, 2008


Posted in Step In My Shoes at 6:30 pm by alyssajb

Today was pretty normal. This morning I had to drag my big bulky culture fair project on the bus. First period I had to go back to the nurse. Second period, nothing. Third was pretty interesting. I was giving a highlighter to Renee but when I threw it I accidentally hit Taylor in the head. LOLZ! At lunch I tore off the stretchy bra strao on my shirt and tried to flick Kenneth in the back. In fourth I had to go back to the nurse AGAIN to take my inhaler. Turns out the nurse does eat lunch in the office. Fifth we took a golf test and it was TOTALLY FREAKING EASY! Then we played street hockey for like five minutes. Then in sixth we (Me, Emily, Abby, and Renee) were throwing paper balls back and forth at Kaiden. Tessa was once again trying too hard to show him off and she said really bratty, “Kaiden, I need a hug.” God just shut up! Then I turned around and he just freaking nailed me in the forehead! OMG I was SOOOOO ticked off I walked right up to him and attacked him with my binder. He thinks that a one inch binder with two folders and paper in it is heavy. ?????? Heavy? OH YEAH that reminds me Abby was mouthing out “Kaiden is sexy” to me but I couldn’t hear her so Renee said it REALLY loud! It’s good Kaiden didn’t hear us! Or did he? Hmmm? My head still hurts but hey, at least I didn’t get jabbed in the back or stomach or side! At the car rider line I got real lonely. Kenneth wouldn’t even come over. I called him shortstuff and he didn’t hear me…. did I do something wrong? I hope not…. usually he would come over to talk to me and he didn’t today. That kinda hurt….


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