September 23, 2008

Good and Bad

Posted in Step In My Shoes at 8:35 pm by alyssajb

Today was pretty normal. I had to go to the nurse this morning to ask about my inhaler. I have Exercise Induced Asthma. Anyways, that took a LONG time because there was another person (who was my friend in Elementary School but forgot who I was) going on about her asthma too. So I waited. And waited. And waited. For like fifteen minutes! Second period was normal too. Although I kept writing “I LOVE KAIDEN” on the desk. ^_^ Third, boring. Lunch, ow. I poked Kaiden in the back with my water bottle then he jabbed me again. In my side. It still hurts. 😦 But he’s my buddy. He’s a real player, he hangs out with so many girls you can’t tell if he’s actually dating or not. Fourth was chorus. We practiced our harmonies. We have one song, I’m Not That Girl from Wicked is a three-part harmony; Sopranos, Altos, and Soprano 2. We sound like a church choir! AWESOME! So anyways, I had to leave chorus early to take my inhaler. But there was a note on the door that said, “Nurse out to lunch from 12:20-2:20” WTF? Who goes to lunch for two hours?!? What if someone got injured or had a medical problem in their absence??? Hmm??? That’s what SHIFTS are for! In fifth, we played t-ball. I couldn’t run fast because of the asthma attack I had yesterday. Couldn’t breathe. Everything below my head (except my arms) cramped up. So because of my slowish running, I got tagged out. I’m normally a fast runner. But you know, things happen. Sixth, we got moved to new seats. The job list was screwed up and Emily didn’t get to do her job. She had to do the seating chart. She was seating chart for this week and all of a sudden Mrs. Potter switched it and everyone was totally out of place! But the good things were, I sat close to Emily, Abby, Renee, AND Kaiden! YAYZ! Tessa was planning to sit next to him. She’s my friend but she tries WAAAAAYYYY too hard to get close to him. I half don’t like her because of her bond with Kaiden and how she tries to show him off, and I half like her because she’s nice to me. If she knew I liked Kaiden I don’t know what she’d do, back-off or make me even more jealous that I am. I don’t know about her…. but she’s NOT sitting near him so HA! IN YOUR FACE! At the car rider line after Kiara left me TT.TT Robert and Kenneth came over and talked to me. Usually that doesn’t happen. They kept their distance because they thought I would kill them. Kenneth kept on going on about how Robert thought I was hot…. kinda creepy but flattering in a way…. and Robert finally admitted it instead of denying it. That was like a miracle! But the only thing he lied about was saying that just so Kenneth would get mad. Because you people know how much he likes me and… yeah. That wasn’t true, I know he did like me. Kenneth said I’ve been the girl he’s had a crush on for three years. No one else, only me. Bonding works. But I can’t give Kenneth his hug with Robert or my mom lingering near. Robert would criticize us for multiple months and my mom would tease me and tease me and OH IT’S JUST HORRIBLE! Kenneth’s really sweet, he’s my best friend. But he doesn’t like taking risks, if you know what I mean. If you don’t he doesn’t want to risk losing our friendship by going out and breaking up. Speaking of break up, Brandon’s moving. I don’t know when, but he is. I always feel invisible. Brittany and Brandon are as close as me and shortstuff are, and they always tell each other news first before me. I would have to hear things from the opposite person! Like I heard from Brittany that Brandon was moving instead of Brandon himself and I heard from Brandon that Brittany had food poisoning instead of Brittany herself! Am I out of the picture? Am I INVISIBLE? Sometimes I have second thoughts about my existence. But if I commited suicide, I could make a mental fifty-mile long list saying all the people I would have crushed. Kenneth and Brandon at the top. They care about me a lot, and sometimes get jealous if I’m dating someone else and would brag in front of them. Anyways, I would never commit suicide though. There are so many things I wouldn’t be able to do until I’m older. And besides, life’s just like that. Deal with it.


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  1. Brittany said,

    as of the people who you would have crushed if you commit suicide…AM I not at the top too! I’m your BFF and I made a stupid stupid mistake but your my friend and I would be major crushed to lose a close friend because I really don’t have many friends…..Alyssa I really am sorry about not telling you and I was in a daze anyway! I forgot and I’m sorry….

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