September 18, 2008

Mixed Emotions

Posted in Step In My Shoes at 7:59 pm by alyssajb

Me and Brandon made up the other day. He’s having a live broadcast tomorrow at 8:00. I made flyers to pass out at our school. I did NOT have a good day yesterday. I got a D on a test, which was my first. I’m a straight A student, but at least I have a B in the class. Lunch was AWESOME! But unfortunately, Kaiden didn’t call me his “Filipino Girl” today. ūüė¶ Oh well there’s always tomorrow! In chorus I got SO ticked off! My friend, Elysa is so serious when I talk to her and she acts like she doesn’t care what I’m showing her or saying to her sometimes. But when she does that to me, It is SO annoying! She doesn’t stop and when I tell her to stop, she calls me mean! Look who’s talking! She’s been getting on EVERYONE’S nerves lately. We are in a show chorus mixed with eighth graders from last year’s show chorus.¬†Most of them and by most of them I mean the girls that sit behind me¬†think they know EVERYTHING because they were in that same class last year. They always boss us around like “Shut up!” or “Be quiet!” or “Stop playing around!” or today, “Stop drawing on the white boards!” They do ALL that stuff themselves and don’t even mind! Don’t know what I’m talking about? Well they would be talking really loud¬†RIGHT after they tell US to shut up and they would be playing around after they tell us to stop playing around and today they would be drawing on the white boards after telling us to stop drawing on them. I know this is a stereotype and I do NOT want to be mean or anything, but they’re blonde and… yeah. I tried to make a comment to get their minds off of being stupid. I told this one girl who’s name I think is Brittany or Britney I don’t know that I liked her shirt, which after all I DID like. I can’t remember what is said but anyways, we’re singing songs from Wicked, the Broadway Musical. We’re currently practicing on “I’m Not That Girl”. Sixth period was AWESOME! I got 40 PB’s (Potter Bucks) for helping a currently behind on work student, Joquana and my project was SO nice she used it as example! And I think Kaiden and Du were talking about girls in this class that they liked, then Du pointed to me and Kaiden kept staring at me and talking to Du about me. YAYY! Emily does the seating chart this week so she said she’s going to put Kaiden close to me. He was staring at me while I put on my makeup and when I pull my stupid shirt up. RAWR! It keeps slipping and… yeah. Kenneth flicked me in the head today…. and that one kinda hurt. He keeps saying that he can beat me at Guitar Hero when he can’t. I’ve had that game longer than Mr. Oompa Loompa has had it. He says he’s better than me just because he passed Through the Fire and Flames on Medium. My cousin is seventeen and even HE can’t do that. Psh, pure luck. But it’s settled now so it’s ok.


P.S. I had to delete “My 7-Day Style” because it’s hard to keep track of what I wear. Sometimes I forget and sometimes I’m lazy so… yeah


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