September 16, 2008

Stuck In A Square

Posted in Step In My Shoes at 7:18 pm by alyssajb

You know how people say they’re stuck in a love triangle? Well I’m stuck in a love SQUARE. Don’t ask me who the people are. Last night Kenneth told me Alex thought I was hot. O_O He’s not that bad, but you know he’s still short. He told me today that he just said that to make him mad. LOL I’m so proud of him for doing that. Anyways, he still likes me anyway. Today, I got even MORE sick and I wasn’t feeling so well in P.E. I felt like I was going to pass out, so my mom’s writing me a note for tomorrow. At lunch, I was in line and then Kaiden comes up to me and says “Filipino girl”. That’s my new nickname. Then he jabs me in the stomach, which hurt and still does, and gave me a hug. He’s a player. He’s going out with this girl Tessa and my friend saw him linking arms with another girl and he flirts with me. In Geography, during a test, he kept staring at me while I re-did my make-up. Wow. Then I asked him for gum but he said I couldn’t have any. Boy, is he confusing. Brittany was asked to hand out these little advertisement flyers thingies to advertise Brandon and Gerard’s (Everyone thinks they’re gay together, which I think is true in my mind) live chat on Piczo. I would just watch to insult them and make them screw up. It’s on Friday at eight I think. If you want to watch them be stupid and gay go to That’s pretty much it. Ow. My stomach still hurts. KAIDEN YOU’LL PAY FOR THAT!!!


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