September 15, 2008

Imprisoned and Text Mania

Posted in Step In My Shoes at 5:46 pm by alyssajb

I got grounded Thursday night for three days, the reason I haven’t been posting. But over that three days, I was texting Kenneth and we had BIG conversation. This is some of the subjects we talked about:

#1: He was watching a kickboxing match and it was freezing where he was so he complained that he had frostbite.

#2: He would complain to me how bored he was

#3: I had a picnic Saturday and it was far from my house…. he was grounded too and I was talking to him while I was bored there. We melted spoons and threw food at alligators’ heads. ^_^

#4: How EVIL his dachsund, Slinky is and how GREAT my beagle, Tucker is.

#5: Calling him shortstuff, because he IS short, and calling me semi-short. BUT I’M TALLER THAN HIM!!!!

#6: Torturing him my telling him how pretty I look with dresses and make-up AND a “46 Hi-Def Flat Screen! BAMM!

#7: Repeatedly telling each other “Good Morning” and “Good Night”

#8: Telling each other how great we are

#9: Him being mad that he can’t come over to see Tucker because my dad doesn’t like me interacting with boys. I do it anyway because there are guys everywhere you look, duh!

#10: Listening to how stupid the idea of “tennis football” is and watching it at school

#11: Me taking a guitar pick of my necklace and using it as if it were a real guitar pick on my out-of-tune guitar

#12: Problems with his phone- able to send or view picture messages. By the way, he found out why I couldn’t get his messages before. His phone blocked me, and he tried to blame me! 😦

#13: More about his EVIL dog

#14: How bad he is at saving money

That’s pretty much it, I can assure you there’s more. In 6th period, we have fake money and we have to treat it like it’s real money. My friend Kaiden (who’s like totally freaking HOTT!) works as the banker and him and his friend, Du were handing out money for free. Mrs. Potter, my teacher, got mad and he got busted LOL! Actually he just confessed but that’s it. I almost passed out in P.E. today from coughing and coughing and coughing. I just got sick and I can’t give Kenneth his hug without getting him sick too. What else? Hmmm…. OH YEAH! This morning while we were waiting in the courtyard for the bell to ring, my friend Veronica was torturing me by calling Brandon over! I was about to walk over to him and punch him in the face, and boy wouldn’t that be ugly? I wanted to punch Veronica in the face too. Me and my friend Alex were talking about Kenneth and he would just sit in fascination listening to my stories about him. What? I’ve known him for almost three years, there’s a lot to say about that short little dude. That reminds me, my friend Emily said that if his skin was orange and his hair was green, he would look like an Oompa Loompa XD FUN-NY!!!! That pretty much wraps up today. I hope I don’t get in trouble for my texting bill, because that’s happened to  me before and getting lectured by my dad and paying him fifty bucks is NOT a pretty sight.


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