September 10, 2008


Posted in Step In My Shoes at 5:19 pm by alyssajb

*Sorry I haven’t posted in two days!*

OMG the other day, I finally gave Brandon the chance to be my friend for the third time. And guess what? He screwed up. Again. He kept sucking up to me so I would go back out with him. He even tried to bribe me! Not with money, he’s not that stupid. Well, he his. A lot. Anyways, he tried to bribe me by giving me compliments! Geez what a spaz! Anyways moving on. Today, me and Kenneth kept flicking each other in the head. This afternoon, he tried to get me and he was about one inch away from my head until I turned around and SCREAMED as if I was being attacked! I ran away and my back was turned like ten minutes later, and he was trying to sneak up on me. Luckily Brittany was in front of me to tell me he was coming! LOL! Kenneth got so mad and yelled to her, “SNITCH!” OMFG it was FUN-NY! We’ve been texting a lot lately then suddenly he stopped receiving messages from me. I could still get his messages but he couldn’t get mine. I would text him something and he wouldn’t text back. Then he would text me, “Alyssa, are you there?” Yeah I was, but I couldn’t text back. That’s what I tried to text back. Then five minutes later he texts me again, “Alyssa, answer your texts!” WTF I AM! That’s what I texted back again. At school I asked him to check his inbox. Nothing. Kenneth, you have some weird screwed up phone.


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