September 5, 2008

OMG That’s Messed Up!

Posted in Step In My Shoes at 5:37 pm by alyssajb

Ugh. Today my teacher, Mrs. Kreicher (Or as we like to call he Mrs. Creature) came back from South Carolina. I wish she could just STAY there. Our sub was so freaking nice! Everyone loves her! After second, I was walking towards my third period class and I saw Kenneth getting a drink at the water fountain. I thought it would be fun to walk up and hit him. Not fun. I was so caught up in a movie I was watching yesterday (Karate Kid) I put a little too much force into it and hit him HARD. I ran away as fast as I could and I heard Renee behind me saying, “OMG!” Kenneth just stared at me. There was a teacher in the hallway but I was lucky she didn’t see. I was too scared about the teacher to tell him “OMG I’m sorry I didn’t mean to hit you that hard!” and I was shaking because I thought I would get in trouble. Me + Trouble = BIG mess. We just don’t add up. Anyways, I told him that I didn’t mean to hit him that hard at lunch and he was like, “riiiiiight.” I was NOT kidding! Jeez, shortstuff I don’t LIE to you! OH I just remembered. This dude who’s shorter that Kenneth, Chris, he got into a fight with this guy because he tried to trip him. TRIP him. And on the bus, just as we were passing by the second stop, everyone saw an egg FLY though the air and hit this girl in the eye! Everyone was just like OH MY FREAKING GOD and the stupid bus driver didn’t even bother to stop! I felt SO sorry for her. In sixth, me and my friend Emily had a job as a banker (long story, don’t ask) and our friend, Kaiden just walked up to us and jacked the money! Same thing with our friend Dong! Guess what Kenneth was doing at the car rider line? Yeah, Tennis-Football. I STILL didn’t know him. My friend Johnny was acting all weird and he said “I’m sorry I’m having a spazzy moment.” And I said, “Too late.” LOL that was funny. There was this lady in the car rider line who LOST HER KEYS. How is that possible? You’re waiting in line and you lose your keys?!?!? We got held up for like ten minutes! I feel bad for whoever’s mom that was. I was happy that Kenneth forgave me. I thought he hated me again, and I do NOT want to go through that again. But hey, why would anyone want to hate me? I’m loveable! ^_^


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