September 4, 2008

OMG Attack of the Evil Dachsund!

Posted in Step In My Shoes at 5:01 pm by alyssajb

The title isn’t really a big thing. I just couldn’t think of another one LOL! Today was pretty normal. Except our schedule is really weird. Oh ma gawd Brandon got jumped (kinda) today! YESS!!!!!!! My friend, Renee just walked up to him and just started slapping him and stuff it was HILARIOUS! At the end of the day, me and my friend, Angelica were talking ON and ON about the Jonas Brothers concert today. *Sniff sniff* I couldn’t go. The website that was selling tickets had some crappy seats and it was in the corner where you couldn’t even SEE anything! When the bell rang, it was TOTAL MAYHEM! Pushing, shoving OMG! I was in the front and I got blasted out the door by Kenneth. At the car rider ramp Brittany went CRAZY! She kept on ranting and raving about how bad she wanted to go the concert. She was like the loudest person there! She calmed down eventually… then started back up again. When Kenneth’s car passed by, his EVIL dog, Slinky was in there. Echhh. He looks cute but he’s a total KILLER! The second our faces met he just BARKED at me and no one else! How messed up is that?!?!?! KENNETH, FIX YOUR DOG BEFORE IT KILLS ME ONE DAY!


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  1. Alex said,

    LOL ARE YOU SERIOUS? What a unique day!!! LOL!!

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