August 29, 2008

Heartbreak In A Day

Posted in Step In My Shoes at 11:46 pm by alyssajb

I came to school, knowing that I couldn’t take All-State anymore because it was too early, and I saw Brandon standing with Brittany. The second he saw me, he walked away, and Brittany followed. I was worried that I might of done something wrong. I was waiting for Kenneth to come talk to me. The night before he said he would. But he didn’t. I guess he chickened out. He usually got nervous around me. Kenneth was like the brother I never had, besides my lazy dog, haha. He was really close to me, and we’ve known each other for two years. He had had that whole two years to ask me out, but that never happened. Anyway, I went through the whole day, Brandon ignoring me. I felt a little disappointed. Then I remembered something that happened at All-State yesterday. Sometimes I felt that Brandon was a little jealous of Kenneth, because I always hung out with him, so this is probably what happened; when Kenneth came, Brittany saw him. I told her that he wanted to hear me sing, and she kinda looked like she was going to spread that gossip. You see, she liked Brandon WAAAAAYYYY before I did, and longer than I’ve ever gone out with him. So by dating him, I thought she would be mad at me and tell him everything that had been going on between Kenneth and I. She was always so innocent, and now I don’t even know who she is anymore. It’s kind of a mean thought, but it could happen. Anyways, I had thought she told Brandon, and that pushed him waaaay too far. So during Lunch AND 5th period, I had two of my friends come up to me and tell me that Brandon was going to break up with me. Uh-oh.

Later that day, I signed on to Yahoo! and Brandon signed on about three hours later. My status was kind of depressing, so he asked that. He did break up with me. He thought that I was using him to get Kenneth to go out with me, but that’s just a thought. You can’t think things and automatically decide it to be true. I was telling the truth, and I don’t lie. Ask anyone. But he just kept ignoring the message I was trying to tell him. We got into the biggest (and only) fight ever. We then eventually considered ourselves not boyfriend/girlfriend, not friends, and not even aquaintances. This was the worst day of my life, and the worst week of my life. I’ve never been dumped before, especially like this. I’ve always been the one to break-up first, not the other way around. It’s sad how people are like that, and how they always think that they’re right about everything they see. Brandon’s usually smarter than me, but this time, he was wrong. He wished me good luck with Kenneth. I don’t want anything to do with Brandon anymore. I wasn’t using him. He literally gave up his girlfriend so someone else could take him. It’s like letting someone steal your dinner and not caring, or fishing and catching a big fish, not caring, and throwing it back in the water. That’s what I call a waste.


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  1. Alex said,

    Awww! Thats sad!!

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